Watch out for bed bugs this fall

Students are excited to be back at school. With all of the fun things going on around you, there could be creepy crawlers having their own reunion in your living space. These creepy crawlers are better known as bed bugs.

Bed bugs can steal your peace of mind faster than a pop quiz in your worst class. No one likes to think about bed bugs, but if you want have a stress-free life I have some important information for you.

The first thing you need to know is what a bed bug looks like. Depending on the stage of a bed bug, the size and color of the insect varies. When a bed bug is in the beginning stage it is protected within a tiny oval, pearl colored egg. The mother tends to lay her eggs in dark hidden places to protect them from being discovered and near their host.

The next things to look out for are nymphs and hatchlings. Nymphs and hatchlings are translucent in color when unfed. They are typically the size of a sesame seed. When they have fed off of their host their abdomens will be dark brown. After feeding, the bed bugs will progress to the next stage and will become larger and darker. Immature bed bugs will be blonde in color and feed more often.

The most important stage to look out for is the adult stage. Adult bed bugs are small, flat, reddish-brown and oval-shaped. This is the stage where bed bugs begin to reproduce and create more of an infestation.

Once you know what a bed bug looks like, you can begin to look for the signs. The top-five major signs are reddish-brown fecal matter and blood on bedding and furniture, crushed or dead bed bugs, shed skin of immature bed bugs and visible allergic reactions to bites such as rashes, red spots and excessive itching.

The biggest misconception about bed bugs is that they only appear in dirty places that go unkempt. This is false. Bed bugs are bloodthirsty gypsies that are desperate for their next host. Bed bugs feed off of humans in order to survive so it doesn’t matter if your house is spick and span, or down and dirty. Bed bugs are not picky.

Not only are bed bugs very accepting of any host, they are also very good at hide and seek. Bed bugs will hide underneath floorboards, behind your favorite family photo hanging on the wall, bed frames, electrical outlets and more. The best way to prevent bed bugs, high costs for inspection, and losing your sanity you have to be aware and proactive. First you have to understand that bed bugs can happen anywhere. Second, you have to be careful who and what you bring into your home.

If you’re a person who likes to have a lot of visitors, understand that they could possibly bring bed bugs to your home. Also, if you like to bring home items from yard sales and flea markets understand that if what you bring home isn’t properly cleaned you could bring home bed bugs.

If you have any questions or concerns about bed bug infestation a good company to contact is Rose Pest Solutions. Feel free to visit their website at for insightful tips and information.

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