Taylor Swifts' album worth shaking off

Former country princess Taylor Swift has been releasing music videos and tempting fans with a few songs from her new album, “1989.”

Her song “Shake It Off” is already being treated like a national treasure, seeing as it has been at the top of the charts. Swift calls herself a feminist, now that the word is becoming a major trend in Hollywood, yet her songs continue to depict a weak young woman who is defined by her love interests and their inevitable failures.

Swift shows her predictability when she doesn't get her way, she gathers ammunition to create vengeful songs ready to be fired into the oblivious ears of her fans.

It’s not so much that she’s gone from country songs about boys dumping her to the pop scene, but her songs simply aren't well written.

There is a difference between a catchy song that stays in your head for hours and a song that stays with you simply because it holds some kind of meaning. In Swift’s “Shake It Off,” listeners don’t get the sense that she is really standing for anything of value.

Instead of exploring why “the haters hate” and “the players play,” she just keeps repeating the same lyrics and awkward dance moves. The biggest lesson people can take away from this song is Taylor Swift’s thirst to appear relevant and her uncanny ability to lure millions of gullible people into the fad of mediocre songwriting.

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