Ford Gallery hosts senior capstone exhibition

Photo by: Arturo Rodriguez Jr.


Eastern Michigan University’s Ford Gallery held the (in)flux Senior Capstone Exhibition Monday, Nov. 10 through Saturday, Nov. 15. The exhibit featured artwork from senior undergraduates majoring in all areas of fine arts.

The exhibition serves as a final showcase of students’ work from the exit-level course, ARTS 490W. Brian Nelson, professor of the senior capstone course, said the exhibition showcased all areas of EMU’s art department.

“This class is our capstone,” Nelson said. “It is taken at a senior-level. It’s their last class for their concentration. I think they did great.”

Progression of the exhibition started in September, put together for the students and by the students. He said that some of the works displayed were even worked on and completed over the summer.

“The exhibition showcased what each student put in and how they came together as a group,” Nelson said. “They came in last Wednesday before this week during class and put every piece up.”

“(in)flux was a name we arrived to by the class,” Nelson said. “It was voted by the class. It’s called (in)flux because of the senior experience going to be in a period of influx looking for a job and working right away. Some might get a job right away, some in a year, some are going to decide to teach; it just all depends.”

Michael Randall, a senior BFA concentrating in graphic design, says he started his graphic designed poster of Ms. Marvel and the Ultimate Spiderman.

“At the time, I was inspired by the general lack of representation of the Black superhero in superhero films,” Randall said. “The Marvel cinematic universe has been full of white and mostly male heroes. We’re approaching our second Avengers film and the team is still all-white. I wanted to make a statement by creating posters glorifying some of Marvel’s young heroes in color.”

Nelson said the event was showcased from Monday, Nov. 10, to Saturday, Nov. 15.

“It’s been a great experience working with these guys leaving into the art world,” Nelson said. “Our guys did everything leaving up to this last show. They hung the show, curate the show; the entire class worked up to this process.”

Dinah Hudson, a senior psychology major, said she enjoyed seeing EMU students’ artwork in the EMU Ford Gallery.


The man on the left is EMU professor, Adam Ostrowski and on the right is Jessica Kuzara, a senior BFA student sculpture

Photo by: Arturo Rodriguez Jr.


Photo by: Arturo Rodriguez Jr.


Photo by: Arturo Rodriguez Jr.

“It was cool to see,” Hudson said. “I saw a flyer at the library, so I thought I’d check it out. I would like to come down here to see some more events.”

“It gives students the opportunity to showcase their work,” Hudson said. “It also looks good on applications and resumes for future jobs. I felt it would be good to show support.”

If interested in viewing future art exhibitions, check out “events and exhibitions” at the Art Department’s website, The Ford Gallery will showcase an M.A. Thesis Exhibition by Meghan Lee & Amanda Zsot from Dec. 8 to Dec. 12, with a reception from 4:30-7 p.m. Dec. 10 for the final exhibition of the year.

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