Hillel to host 'Who Is Big In Your Community?' event

On Nov. 14, Hillel will be hosting an event called “Who is Big in Your Community?

Hillel is an organization on campus that teaches students about Judaism through fun activities, such as their shabbat dinners, holiday celebrations, brunches and more.

This event was inspired by Ask Big Questions, which is an internship that brings students from different cultures together and allows them to have a platform to learn about other cultures as well teach others about their own culture.

To bring Eastern Michigan University students together on campus, Hillel has been preparing for their event for weeks. One major thing they have done to prepare for their event is encouraging students to participate by having them sign a six foot beach ball answering a question which is the title of the event – who is big in your community?

Hillel also had people answer the same question on a whiteboard along with asking for permission to take their picture. The pictures that were allowed to be taken will be a part of a slideshow that will be presented in the Student Center by room 103.

The purpose of the event is to get people thinking about not only what is going on in their community, but also how can they be a part of it. This event is also encouraging students of EMU to come together as a community as well.

Support Hillel by using the hashtags #EMUCOMMUNITY and #Whoisinyourcommunity on social media.

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