Immediate fan reactions to EMU's victory over Michigan 45-42

Eastern Michigan basketball fans could not keep quiet after a 45-42 victory over the University of Michigan Wolverines. Students on and off campus were proud to call themselves Eagles Tuesday night.

"I can't even explain the emotions we had at the game," Robert Hull said.

EMU basketball cheerleader Karissa Heino recalled the excitement of the game.

“It was so hype. Awesome defense, they really were pushing it on the court. The team seemed confident,” Heino said.

Martin Urbaniak has been an Eagle fan for years, attending as many games as possible.

“I thought it was great to have the loyal fans there to support the team,” Urbaniak said. “Proud of EMU for playing such a good game. Go green!”

Students said the last five minutes were the hardest to watch.

“It was crazy, but once there was only two minutes left you could tell they were going to get,” Kelsey Koester said. “It was as if the team knew.”

Students on campus were yelling “Go green!” Students took to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to talk about the victory.

While some displays were of peaceful excitement, other students celebrated by painting the UofM rock "EMU Hoops 45-42" and other students burned a couch in the streets just off campus. 

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