EMU fans set a couch on fire celebrating EMU's victory

Editor's note: No Easter Michigan University ROTC members live in the house referenced by students and social media as the "ROTC House"  in the article below and is it is not affiliated with EMU ROTC in anyway .

Fans celebrating the Eastern Michigan University men’s basketball victory over the University of Michigan near the intersection of Emmet Street and College Place, outside a house often referred to by students as the ROTC house, dragged a couch across its yard and set the couch on fire early Wednesday morning.

Fans brought the couch into the street, dumped gasoline on the couch and threw a match to start the fire. Once the couch was on fire some of the spectators took videos and pictures all in the name of EMU’s victory. 

Cars drove by with passengers yelling, “Go green!” 

Approximately 20 people were at the party when the incident occurred. After a few minutes outside, all of the spectators left the street and ran back into the house. 

The Ypsilanti Fire Department arrived on the scene about 10 minutes after the couch had started burning. The couch was almost burned to the ground by the time YFD arrived.

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