Local band Doogatron to host quarterly showcase

Doogatron, a band based out of Ann Arbor and Detroit, is hosting a quarterly showcase at Crossroads in Ypsilanti. The showcase consists of hosts Doogatron, Jaws That Bite, Pat In The Hat, K-man Assault Rifle, and Sean Brocash.

The showcase’s next concert is to be held on July 31, followed by a Halloween-themed show on October 30.

The hosts have played together since the end of 2011. Doogatron, made up of Stevie Tee and Kyle Systrom, plays a mixture of techno, house, and other styles of electronic music.

“We get into some down-tempo things, some higher-tempo things,” said Tee. “It’s mostly live and really heavily improvised right now. It has a bit of a different feel than a lot of other electronic music that’s out there.”

The band began to focus more on producing and improving the live sets; their shows are largely improvised and consist of entirely original music.

Doogatron started as DJ-oriented until, according to Tee, “We hit a kind of plateau where we’d gone everywhere we could go with that.”

“The venue, Crossroads, has great sound, lighting, and an overall vibe,” said Tee. “It’s an exceptional outlet for anyone on campus who might want to play live. The showcase is really different, it’s cheap and it’s a really good time. If you look past the big stadiums, there’s a lot of talent out there that you can go see for five or 10 bucks. ”

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