Eagle Tattoo Diaries

Johnny Depp once said, “My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story.”

Tattoos are considered by many to be a form of art. They are often thought of as a gateway into something bigger than yourself or a symbol that is representative of yourself.

“I got this tattoo which says ‘God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers’ because it relates to my life. Whenever I’m down and wonder why things are happening the way they are, I’m able to find a solution which helps me,” said Jerome Shy, an Electrical Engineering major at Eastern Michigan University.

A tattoo can also serve as a constant reminder of a situation or as motivation. EMU Freshman, Davon Allen, has two tattoos. The first is centered on family. His family means a lot to him and they constantly motivate him to do better, not only in college, but in everything he does.

He also has roman numerals on his inner arm, which represent his birthday. “The meaning behind my tattoos is what keeps me grounded and focused on the bigger picture,” said Allen.

“I wanted something interesting and creative to show my individualiy,” said Kerri Revels, an EMU Biology major.

Revels incorporated stars, musical notes and her birthdate to create a tattoo which truly encompassed her bubbly personality.

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