Eagle on the Street, Nov., 14

Brandon Briscoe, a junior marketing major

“I don’t watch them. But I do know people that’s involved with it. It plays a big role on campus life.”

Do you watch the presidential debates even though the general election is a year away?

By Drew Saunders / The Eastern Echo

Zach Bloss, a junior mathematics major

“I think it’s mostly for entertainment at this point, partly to bring in money for the TV Stations.”

By Drew Saunders / The Eastern Echo

Tailen Toliver, an ECA student

“I don’t watch the debates. But I do believe they’re relevant because their opinions do matter to me, because they’re candidates for the future. So, I want my beliefs to also be what they believe.” 

By Drew Saunders / The Eastern Echo

Brandon Macklin, a junior accounting major

“I don’t watch them but I do think they’re relevant and useful.”

By Drew Saunders / The Eastern Echo

Charles Eagan, a graduate higher education student affairs student

“I do watch them occasionally. I think its smart to have debates this far out. But it does concern me that as early on that it is that it’ll either display that opinions are flexible, that we’re capable of learning and changing when new facts are presented to us. But I worry that it’ll continue to push the idea that if you’re in the public face, you’re only allowed to have one opinion.” 

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