The Hunger Games series concludes in Mockingjay Part Two

The previous movie in the popular Hunger Games series, Mockingjay Part One, left off with Peeta strangling Katniss due to an injection of tracker jacker venom given to him by the Capital. Mockingjay Part Two started out with a doctor inspecting Katniss’s throat injuries left by Peeta. The plot of the movie centers on Katniss’s goal to kill President Snow.

Throughout the movie, Peeta works hard to defeat the reprimands of the tracker jacker venom. Gale, Katniss’s other man, is still battling to win her love.

Mockingjay Part Two aligns with the book Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins for the majority of it’s material. Some small character’s deaths are changed in the movie. A few characters are added or substituted for others in the book because of their importance to the film series. The movie incorporated the happily ever after written in Collins’epilogue.

I disliked how much the camera was on Katniss’s face whilst big events were happening. I would have liked to see other main character’s reactions or more of a facial expression from Katniss. There was not a lot of new material introduced in this movie, which could cause disinterest from the movie.

Special effects were surprisingly almost perfect. The writers of this movie engineered it to bring the Hunger Games series to an end comprising of a satisfying conclusion with excitement and poignancy. Overall, this movie deserves a seven out of ten.

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