Holiday Jams: What's on your playlist?

Many people love to celebrate the season by jamming out to holiday favorites.

Morgan Anderson, a freshman recreational therapy major, says her favorite holiday song is “Silent Night” because it is a calming, therapeutic song.

Theresa Merrell, associate professor and director of music therapy at EMU, has multiple favorite songs that she “cannot wait to put on come December first.”

Merrell’s list consists of “River” by Joni Mitchell, “Christmas Song” by Dave Matthews, “Gaudete" by Anonymous and “What Sweeter Music” by John Rutter.

“River” by Joni Mitchell is a folk song that conjures up her memories of skating on the Rideau Canal. “Christmas Song” by Dave Matthews is a favorite because the singer paints pictures with his voice.

“He could sing the phone book,” she said.

“Gaudete" makes Merrell believe in previous lives where people spent Christmas in large cold stone halls in heavy clothing eating and drinking too much. She thinks one of the sweetest melodies ever composed is “What Sweeter Music.”

My personal favorite is “Mary Did You Know?” It was sung in our church play when I was young and ever since then it has been close to my heart.

Try listening to some of these unique favorites this holiday season to spice up your normal season playlist. Ask friends and family more about their favorite holiday songs for this season, which leads you to learning more about your loved ones.

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