Rhyno to the rescue

Donovan’s Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 78, in Dearborn Heights, Mich., had its lights and water cut off and that’s when two wrestling promotions and a county commissioner came to its aid last Tuesday night at O.W. Best Middle School in Dearborn Heights.

Insane Wrestling Revolution and Xtreme Intense Champion Wrestling, along with Wayne County Commissioner, Gary Woronchak, held a charity show to help raise money for VFW Post 78, which has recently faced some finical problems.

IWR is ran by WWE Superstar, Rhyno, who is from Dearborn Heights and went to O.W. Best Middle School while growing up here.

“This was a charity for the VFW Hall. They got behind on their gas and electric bill and we knew we had to raise some money for them. Our veterans are very important and we need to support them,” Rhyno said.

Country Boy Manner is one of the top-notch talents that provided some of the night entertainment. He is not only a wrestler, but also a veteran.

“The VFW is very important to me, I was in the Navy and I will support the VFW till the day I die,” Manner said.

IWR and Rhyno pulled out all the stops by bringing in XICW talent, as well as Woronchak, to help with this charitable event.

“We thought we could raise a few dollars to help the VFW Post and I think we done that here tonight,” Woronchek said.

Woronchak acted as the special guest wrestling commissioner of the night’s events. Even when Truth Martini and The House of Truth tried to disrupt the show and cause chaos, Woronchak was there to stop them.

“I have been involved in professional wrestling for the better part of the last 45 years, they heard I was in the area, they asked me to provide law and order and I was glad to help,” Woronchak said.

During the night much money was raised to help the VFW and after the show was over everybody left the building with a smile.

“It was a great night hanging out with the community, it’s nice to hang out with people who care about their community, good people in general. We had a lot of fun and we helped a good cause, I don’t think we could ask for more,” Rhyno said.

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