Six free apps every EMU student should download

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Über, Pandora, MyFitnessPal… where would we be without all of the apps on our smartphones? There is pretty much an app everything.

Being a college student, there are so many apps that can help us stay updated, be organized and aid our studying. There are even apps specific to Eastern Michigan University. Here are six free apps that every EMU student should download, if you haven’t already:

1. Canvas: I’m sure most of your classes use Canvas. Whether you have an online class or a regular lecture, Canvas is an important tool for professors and students. By downloading this app you can keep up with your current semester grades, be reminded of upcoming assignments and contact anyone in your class by email. 

One of the best features of this app is, if your professors enter your assignments ahead of time, you can view a color-coded calendar of all of your past and future assignments. This app also makes online discussion boards easy to participate in without having to logon to a computer.

2. Higher One: This app is especially helpful if you work on campus and you get paid directly to your eagle card. However, even if you don’t work on campus, it’s still useful to monitor your refunds. This app is like any other online banking app. It allows you to see your current balance, locate an ATM, transfer money, pay bills, etc.

3. Quizlet: This is a great app to help you study. Once you sign up and enter your school, you are able to create study guides and flashcards for your classes. You can even search study guides that other students may have already made for your class.

4. EMU iGraduate: This interactive guide covers all of the campus basics. It includes a campus map, ways to get involved, student expectations, study resources, and it will quickly and easily pull up the web pages for the parking department, financial aid office, housing, transportation and more.

5. Eagle Rewards: This app allows students to earn rewards and prizes just for attending EMU events and games. After you sign up, you can view a complete events calendar that will tell you which events will earn you points. When you attend one of the events, you can check into it on your app. One of the prizes has even included money for tuition. It’s definitely a fun way to help students get more involved with EMU athletics.

6. WEMU 89.1: This app is useful for staying up to date on current events. It includes broadcasted and written stories from EMU’s WEMU radio staff, as well as On Demand broadcasts from other sources such as NPR. Stories cover a variety of topics, both locally and nationally. The app also allows you to listen to music, easily view WEMU’s social media and you can donate to the station as well.

What app can you not live without? Tweet us and let us know at @EasternEcho_AE.

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