How to find the best rain gear this spring

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the grass is green, the end of the school year is near and then there are those pesky rain clouds and thunderstorms. Spring weather can go from bright, yellow and sunny to bleak and drenched in rain in the span of about 5 minutes.

If there’s a time to buy your yearly rain gear, now is better than later when the prices go up as the weather gets more wicked.

I’ve set out to help you prepare yourself and your rain gear shopping so you can aim for the best quality. These are a set of guidelines that can keep your hair dry and save you from the post wet clothes issues that often put a damper on your day.

The first thing to do is put research into your rain jacket. There are several things you need to look out for in getting the right raincoat. You need to understand your price ranges and the activities you are going to be achieving while wearing your rain repellant.

Top tier rain jackets can cost you up to a couple hundred dollars depending on the type of material and durability of the product. Another thing you need to know is what certain labels mean for certain products. Waterproof jackets are usually your more quality made rain gear and is often made of polyester material and several layers to keep rain out.

These are also probably the most comfortable rain gear to use in cardio-like activities because the material can also be breathable, which means that the jacket allows for venting to keep you dry and cool underneath the jacket. These jackets are also your most expensive jackets and include brands like The North Face.

If you are looking for a brief covering from the elements and are not being involved in cardio activity then waterproof non-breathable options, like ponchos or plastic based jackets, can be available at low prices.

The next piece of rain gear you’ll need is rain boots. These are the least necessary item you’ll need to research for, as the boot itself is all based on your own comfortability in the boot. You can find great rain boot gear and help at outdoor sporting goods stores. I recommend taking a trip in person to your local store, as they’ll be able to point out the brand that fits your needs the best.

It is recommended that you search for hybrid boots or boots that can be multi seasonal where you can where them in snow, rain and mud. Having a pair of hybrid boots helps out in the amount of money you could spend year round on different boots for different weather situations.

They can be expensive, ranging from $50-200, but hybrid boots are usually the most durable of boots and will last longer than the rubber-made common rain boot. They can also be more stylish out of most rain boots for those who like to keep rain out in a fashionable way.

The last thing you’ll need for the ultimate rain gear outfit is an umbrella. Having a sturdy and capable umbrella can eliminate the need for a hooded jacket and all the issues with keeping your head and hair dry. The best way to keep your hair dry would be a combination of the two, but if you’re looking for fashion, an umbrella can be your best friend.

Three things to look for in buying an umbrella include the length of the umbrella. This is the canopy that covers your body. You want to look for an umbrella that measures itself from the outer end of one shoulder to the outer end of the other shoulder. This makes sure that the umbrella you choose will actually be able to cover your upper body.

The other part of an umbrella that will ensure your knew hairdo is top notch when you arrive at your party is to make sure the umbrella collapses into only two parts. Many cheap umbrellas collapse into multiple sections and this can be a sign that the umbrella will not hold up with its durability over time. For the sturdiest umbrella, find the one that has the least amount of sections to it.

The last thing you need to make sure of when buying an umbrella is the amount of layers that go into the canopy. In order to avoid the flopping and flipping inside out, I have found that the best umbrellas have more than one layer to allow wind to pass through the umbrella, permitting the umbrella to remain upright against the wind.

While buying these items seems to be an easy task, I urge people to research online the quality of products and the availability of certain items at your local shopping stores. Amazon is a great place where you can research and find reviews on items. Using websites online that can give you access to reviews will help you be able to budget your spending and find the best quality items for the best price.

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