Spring 2016 fashion trends

The snow is melting, the weather is warming up and the semester is reaching its final stretch. With spring finally approaching us, that means we have new spring fashion trends to look forward too.

Here are some styling tips and items that you can expect to see in upcoming months and hopefully even try some out yourself.

Cold Shoulders: According to popsugar.com, many designers have been creating tops with cutouts meant to highlight just the shoulders. This makes your tops and dresses with this feature more breathable and it adds a little sex appeal to a basic T-shirt.

Suede: According to Elle Magazine, 70s-inspired suede is making a comeback. Popular designers, like Rebecca Minkoff, have featured suede in their tops, skirts dresses and shoes. Suede details are a fun way to mix-up textures. You can find shirts and bags with suede details at many fast fashion retailers.

Ruffles: A few fashion publications, such as Marie Claire Magazine, have named ruffles as another trend for this season. Ruffled details can be found in the designs of Michael Kors, Miu Miu and Roberto Cavalli. Although the runway looks may have went a little overboard with the ruffles, you can incorporate this trend in a more subtle way by wearing a shirt with some ruffles, a jacket over it and a pair of straight-legged pants.

Slip Dresses: This look may be a little risky for some. As one of the most sensual trends of the season, named by Vogue and other fashion influencers, the slip dress is bringing lingerie outdoors. Featured in the runway shows of Céline, Calvin Klein, Givenchy and Alexander Wang, this combination of silk and lace is elegant, but is probably best to attempt on a dinner date or something along those lines.

Sneakers: A continuing trend that combines style with comfort is the ever classic sneakers. Unique sneaker designs were seen on the runways of Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang and Tommy Hilfiger. If you are looking to expand your sneaker collection then check out brands such as Nike, New Balance, Vans, Converse and Puma. Once you have your basic colors that you can wear everyday, then maybe start expanding to some brighter colored sneakers.

Slippers: Another flat shoe trend and another trend that is mixing the comfort of your home with street fashion is slip-on shoes. Featured in Glamour Magazine, designers Balenciaga, Gucci and Victoria Beckham have all recently designed decorated outdoor slippers. So, if you were ever a fan of Adidas flip-flops or Gators, you might want to up your fashion game and try a pair of these this spring. 

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