Business and Finance Committee passes allocations

Members of the Internal Affairs Committee at their regular meeting on April 12, 2016 

The Business and Finance Committee granted one allocation Tuesday night in the Student Center at its regular meeting.

Women’s Ultimate Frisbee was granted $350 for game-related fees. The Club Sports Allocation fund is now at $200.20. The remaining fund will be moved to the Discretionary Line Item in the Student Government budget.

The Internal Affairs Committee reviewed its year. Each senator answered and discussed the following: “What we did right this year,” “What we did wrong,” What you would recommend to IA next year?”

The Public Affairs and the Academic and Student Affairs Committee discussed Club Halle, which will be held from 6-8 p.m., Tuesday, April 19, in the Student Center Ballroom and Room 310. The event will feature inflatables and free food.

Student Government will not meet again until the 2016-17 academic year. For more information on Student Government, go here.

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