Migos to perform at Music Matters Charity Concert

Spring Fest 2015


Hip Hop trio Migos will perform at the Fifth Annual Music Matters Charity Concert at 8 p.m., April 13, in Hill Auditorium, 825 N University Ave, Ann Arbor.

University of Michigan junior Matt Fisher, fundraising chair for Music Matters, said all proceeds from the concert will help fund a summer camp for underrepresented Detroit youth. The program will launch in 2017.

Fisher said the camp is based around an academic theory called Possible Selves Model. He said the group has been in contact with the former U of M professor who developed the theory and leading identity-based motivation professionals.

Fisher said Music Matters has developed a camp curriculum that will allow students to “see future possible versions of themselves that they might not have thought possible.”

“Basically, the idea is that these students have never known anybody who’s […] become a doctor, or a lawyer, or a teacher, so they don’t even see these professions as a possibility – as something that they could ever achieve,” Fisher said.

He said the camp, rather than being skills-based, is motivation-based, helping students to imagine themselves in better situations later in life. Fisher said the group has received professional guidance from professors at U of M.

Music Matters will be able to fund approximately 50-75 campers and will run for about five days. Campers will stay in on-campus housing and eat in the dining halls. The details of the camp are still under review.

In addition to planning this camp, the organization will be providing buses for DPS students to attend its annual day event, Spring Fest, which will be held 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., April 13, in the Michigan Diag. After attending financial aid and admissions workshops and eating in the dining halls, the students are free to explore the festival.

“Every year we’ve received great positive feedback on that from the administration and from the students,” Ahmed said. “And that’s really one of the ideas that drove the foundation of this larger summer leadership camp was the positive feedback and the need for these types of programs.”

The festival is expected to be even bigger and more inclusive than years past.

Spring Fest is aimed at encouraging collaboration among students. An example of this collaboration is the “Pass it Forward” instillation created by service organizations. This will give attendees the opportunity to leave and take notes of affirmation off of a wall specifically marked for this purpose.

“The basic premise is that these service organizations, they’re always serving others, serving our community, and this is a small thing everyone can do to serve Michigan and provide a little positivity in Michigan,” Jibran Ahmed said.

Ahmed, president of Music Matters, said Migos, originally from Atlanta, has an interesting relationship with the university. After developing a Twitter based friendship with U of M football coach Jim Harbaugh, Migos made an appearance at a football recruiting event.

The group also popularized the “Dab” dance move and has released hit singles including Versace.

“With all of that popularity and with the Michigan connection, we really thought that they were the perfect fit,” Ahmed said.

Music Matters is a student organization at the University of Michigan. The group focuses on bringing concerts to the campus and the community.

To buy tickets, go here or the Michigan Union Ticket Office, 530 South State St, Ann Arbor.

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