Marketing students visit Quicken Loans Arena

Len Komoroski, Cleveland Cavaliers CEO.

Field trips in college? Professor Robert Twells set aside 50 spots for a tour of Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. The tour consisted of a line up of guest speakers that ranged from Cleveland Cavaliers CEO to the company's social media coordinator, and ended with tickets to the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers home game against the Atlanta Hawks.

”Find your passion and you’ll never have to work another day in your life,” said Len Komoroski, Cleveland Cavaliers CEO.

The lineup of speakers included: Len Komoroski, Chief Executive Officer; Kerry Woloszynek, Director of Fan Development; Jordan Cannon, Senior Manager of Business Development; Courtney Shilling, Social Media Coordinator, Web Services; Mela Moatz, Manager of Membership Development and Service Operations.

“I believe it’s important to provide students with opportunities for learning outside of the classroom,” said Professor Twells. “These field trips expose students to careers that are available in sports. They’re also a fantastic way for students to network and build connections with industry professionals.”

Students in Professor Twells class drove individually or car pooled to Cleveland. The students had the opportunity to bring their friends or family on the tour, so the crowd of attendees was mixed.

Friends and family expressed their fondness for an educational event that offered them the opportunity to learn, travel and experience the tour, while the marketing students explained how they took away useful information from the speeches.

“I feel that functions and resources like this are very key and influential in helping a college student figure out some things professionally. Events like this give college students who don’t have a network an opportunity to get out there and meet someone in their field of interest and network,” said Evan Grayson, EMU Student.

“I would recommend that every student interested in a career in sports go on these field trips. I for one am glad that I went and will forever be impacted by this moment in time,” said Grayson.

Since 2007, Professor Twells has led over 30 student field trips to Quicken Loans Arena, Joe Louis Arena, Browns, Gladiators and Red Wings games since 2007.

“It was an amazing opportunity to see and listen to people who are in positions I'd love to be in one day,” said Hope Donaldson.

“It was also interesting to hear that the majority of business people in the sports industry (i.e. marketing, operations, & management) started out in (ticket) sales and worked their way up,” said Donaldson.

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