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Guns allowed at school?

(04/08/12 8:54pm)

Concealed weapons should be allowed on campus. There, I said it. After years of believing weapons should not be allowed on university property, I have flipped my position. I can no longer find a valid reason as to why law-abiding citizens who attend and work at Eastern Michigan University or any university campus should be left defenseless.

Zimmerman vs. Martin case

(04/02/12 12:33am)

On Oct. 30, 1938, author Orson Welles narrated his famous story, “The War of the Worlds.” After the radio narration a widespread hysteria took place, as many actually believed aliens were invading their world. The radio drama drew scathing criticism for its “realism.” I suspect, however, that more so than realism, mob mentality convinced the scared listeners they were about to be obliterated or subjugated.

Get ready Ypsi, more roundabouts to dance around coming

(03/26/12 1:16am)

Roundabouts are annoying and I don’t like them. Unfortunately, Washtenaw County is going to call home to more of them, according to an article from The article mentions “a new roundabout at Geddes and Ridge roads in Superior Township would mark the 11th project of this type in the county. The 10th is planned for State and Ellsworth roads in Pittsfield Township, and both are part of 2013 road improvements for nearby construction projects.”