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'Stupid rules' restrict business, keep cars off online market

(03/19/14 3:14pm)

“You take a look at the weak economy, the overregulation….what we are seeing here is big government in practice,” said Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the Republican nominee for vice president in 2012. Such complaints about an overbearing government are abstractions and are difficult to debate and discuss – unlike real instances where clearly the rules on persons and businesses are burdensome.

Retouched photos destroying girls' self-esteem, body image

(03/26/14 4:54pm)

A sense of self-loathing, shame, unattractiveness and low self-esteem can happen as early as elementary school, especially for young girls. The cause for this type of anguish isn’t always bullying or being left out of a clique. The sources of body image issues vary, but there is one that gets the biggest amount of blame.

STAFF EDITORIAL: Ypsilanti better served by Obama’s visit, not Ann Arbor

(04/02/14 6:49pm)

The city of Ypsilanti is not spectacular, but it is symbolic of the kind of people and places which would be effected by his proposal to increase the minimum wage. Which is why The Eastern Echo’s editorial board was dispirited to hear President Obama would speak at University of Michigan this Wednesday instead of Eastern Michigan University. Given the stated subject of the president’s remarks it would have meant more to students and faculty here rather than there.

Letter to the Editor

(04/06/14 5:25pm)

I would like to respond to the boycott article in the Thursday, April 3 Eastern Echo. As a long time university supervisor (hire date 1989), I have been responsible for placing the early childhood education student teachers throughout the area of southeastern Michigan, from Howell to Monroe and from Troy to Downriver and all parts in between. Each semester, I place from 18 to 48 students depending on the enrollment. This winter semester has proven to be the most difficult.

Washtenaw Women’s Court unique, effective

(04/16/14 5:23pm)

Michigan is in the top five states in the country for human trafficking, today’s “modern day slavery.” This is defined as working in the commercial sex, labor, or domestic work industries through the use of physical force, fraud, blackmail, or coercion. A recently published report by the Michigan Commission on Human Trafficking noted that, “Human trafficking is the second-largest and fastest-growing criminal industry in the world.”

Capitalism created, then spoiled prosperity

(04/17/14 3:15pm)

Over the last three centuries, capitalism has poisoned the very well of prosperity it has taken such pains to create. The genie of capitalism, aided by the Industrial Revolution, can largely be credited with moving Western societies, and eventually much of the world, out of feudalism and the Malthusian trap. Malthus, you remember, complained that humans never were able to increase our living standard through much of our existence. But capitalism’s advent increased the world’s productivity and living standard; it brought humanity ease, luxury and comfort, along with prodigious choice in products and services.