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Low voter turnout boosts Republicans

(11/07/10 7:00pm)

Two weeks ago, in a piece penned on Virg Bernero’s visit to the campus, I made the point any Republican gains in the mid-term election would be seized upon by the Obama administration as “political cover for its continual lurch to the right.” Moreover, I speculated the media would “inevitably chime in (saying) the American people have rejected the ‘left-wing’ and even ‘socialist’ policies pursued by the Obama administration.” Since the elections, this perspective has been confirmed.

Bipartisanship still unlikely; system flaws open chances

(11/21/10 6:25pm)

According to The Washington Post, the Young Democrats want change. One of their articles mentions how “a new class of junior lawmakers is exerting its influence by challenging the chamber’s sacred traditions and the partisan, top-down governing style that has marked the past two years.” “The young Democrats, many of whom will be on the ballot in 2012, reject the view that the Senate must move at a glacial pace that only its most senior members get to determine the policy agenda, and that bipartisanship has become the purview of the naive and nostalgic.” It’s nice there are some politicians who think there’s hope for partisanship and change in our government.