1/5/2018, 12:46pm

EMU students share their thoughts on #MeToo Campaign

While Washington and Hollywood are both seemingly worlds away from the small college town of Ypsilanti, many Eastern Michigan University students still have things to say about the sex scandals that many of America’s most powerful people are involved in. 

12/1/2017, 5:48pm

Center for Multicultural Affairs shows film "Indian School: the Survival Story"

Eastern Michigan University’s Center for Multicultural Affairs and the Native American Student Organization presented the documentary, “Indian School, the Survivor Story”, a film highlighting the experiences of Native Americans in the Indian Industrial Boarding School in Mount Pleasant, Michigan on Thursday, Nov. 30 at Halle Library. 

12/1/2017, 5:28pm

EMU celebrates #GivingTRUEDAY

With November being the month of giving, Eastern Michigan University holds Giving TRUE DAY as a way to raise funds and support different aspects of the university.

11/29/2017, 2:03pm

Photo Gallery: History of Black Jews in America

America’s most influential black rabbi, Capers C. Funnye, Jr., is spiritual leader of Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation, Chicago. He also serves as chief rabbi of the International Israelite Board of Rabbis.