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The Eastern Echo Thursday, May 30, 2024 | Print Archive
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Dr. Mae C. Jemison at EMU

Dr. Mae C. Jemison pushes voting registration at EMU

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated Xi Chapter hosted a rally inside Eastern Michigan University's auditorium about registering to vote and voting in the upcoming election. Youth Vote Organization partnered with guest speaker, Dr. Mae C. Jemison, the first African American women to go to space. She encouraged students to volunteer in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and also encouraged students to register to vote.

"It's the responsibility of a society to educate our children and every child needs to have our attention and support ," said Jemison."That whole idea that 'my vote doesn't matter' is very dangerous because that one vote builds up with other votes, so it does matter, because we matter and we have the power to empower ourselves and others.”

Students have until October 11th to register to vote, which has motivated the Youth Vote Organization and The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority to push even harder to get students, and beyond registered to vote.

"You get a chance to vote, that's a responsibility that's really important. Why do you want to vote for Hillary Clinton," asked Jemison. She moved on to answer her own question saying, "It's really about a commitment we have seen over the years and what she can bring to the table; the knowledge, and the guts to try something different in order to come up with diplomatic solutions."

Director Snyder and Dr. Jemison further expressed the belief that it is student’s civic duty to vote, and that Clinton Deserves votes because she is the best option across the board.

"The reason why we are here today is because in 30 days we will have the most critical elections of our time," said Branden Snyder, Youth Vote Director. "The College and millennial vote has grown tremendously over the last 20 years. We now represent 35 percent, which is a larger voting block than baby boomers.”

Speakers at the event encouraged students to vote based on the candidate that care the most about their future.

"We need to make sure we have an economy that's working for everybody and that Michiganders who make less than $125,000 can attend in-state, public college for free," said Director Snyder.

Dr. Jemison discussed that students should not feel obligated to vote Clinton solely to keep Trump out, but because the importance of who we keep out of the oval office is equally if not more important than who gets brought in. In addition, she strongly believes in education, and that the right votes can direct the needed tax money to education.

"It takes literally 90 seconds to register to vote," said Branden Snyder.

The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated announced they will have voter registration table at the tailgate for EMU’s Homecoming football game this Saturday. To connect with the campaign and receive periodic updates from Hillary for America text EMU to 47246.