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The Eastern Echo Saturday, May 25, 2024 | Print Archive
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Thank You Table

Giving True Day Raises $800 Thousand

“The most important idea behind Giving True Day is that students, faculty and staff, alumni and friends of the university can choose to support their passion on campus,” said Director of Annual Giving Carole Booms. “It's about what you feel is important to support when it comes to giving.”

Eastern Michigan University holds is sixth annual Giving True Day as a way to support and give thanks to different aspects of the university. One can make a gift to athletics, an EMU college of the donor’s choice, WEMU, special initiatives like the Undergraduate Symposium, and much more.

The idea behind Giving True Day is to have something positive come after the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday is a nationally recognized time for the charitable season.

“Our hope is that people will listen to the stories and see the gifts and truly be inspired to help make a difference for EMU students,” said Booms.

This 24-hour campaign of generosity is set up around campus. While President of the Alumni Association Matt Mortier and Assistant Director of Engagement Celia Murkowski manages the “Thank You” table in the Student Center, WEMU holds an all-day open house jam session.

The “Thank You” table is meant for students, faculty, staff, and alumni to write personalized cards and notes to donors. Participants were also able to spin a wheel to win special prizes and free food.

“Without contribution, we wouldn’t have the Eastern have today,” said EMU freshman Alexzander Sambrone, after writing their card.

In King Hall, WEMU made a point to hold an open house as a way to celebrate all the good that happens on campus during the campaign.

WEMU held an all day jam session.

Their jam session starred pianist Rich Roe, bassist Kurt Krahnke, drummer Jesse Kramer, and a variety of performers who filled King Hall with electrifying jazz for the day. Around 20 people attended the event at a time with people cycling in and out of the hall throughout the day.

On a mission to raise $50,000 the staff at WEMU had nothing but smiles as the day went on. General Manager Molly Motherwell commented on the importance of the event.

“We had such success, we decided to combine it with Giving Tuesday,” said Motherwell.

The goal for this year’s Giving True Day is to reach one thousand donors and $500 thousand in 24 hours. According to EMU’s Giving True Day website, over $800 thousand was raised by 852 unique donors, surpassing the goal but falling short in donors.

“We've raised more awareness every year, reached out farther to alumni and friends of the University, engaged students and partnered with many programs across campus,” said Booms. “Our goal is to have it grow and get better every year so we can help more students.”

If you weren’t able to participate the day of Giving True Day, the EMU Foundation is always welcoming support from anyone who wants to make a gift to any of the programs listed on their website, where you can search for a fund of your choice.