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The Eastern Echo Wednesday, June 12, 2024 | Print Archive
The Eastern Echo

The Factory Report: EMU Sports Trivia #2


1. When was the last time EMU won their conference in football?

A) 1976

B) 1987

C) 2005

D) 1994

Answer): B, the 1987 EMU Football team celebrated a 10-2 record under head coach Jim Harkema to achieve a MAC championship.

2. Who is the tallest Female basketball player ever at EMU? 

A) Autumn Hudson

B) Denise Allen 

C) Kathy Hart

Answer: A. The 6’ 5” Hudson averaged 4.7 ppg and amassed 12 blocks during the 2019-2020 Basketball season.

3. When did the eagle become EMU’s mascot?

A) 1989

B) 1980

C) 1991

D) 2000

Answer: C. EMU had already been nicknamed “the Eagles.” The Board of Regents adopted the mascot to replace the existing nickname and logo of “the Hurons.”

4. Which of the EMU sports teams has the most national championships?

A) Baseball

B) Men’s swimming and diving 

C) Men’s cross country. 

Answer: B. men's swimming and diving have amassed five championships total (NAIA - 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971; NCAA Division II - 1972).

5. How many sports (men and women combined) does EMU play at a division 1 level?

A) 15

B) 12

C) 14

D) 11

Answer: A. EMU Athletics has 15 combined division 1 level sports teams, six men’s teams and  nine women’s teams.

6. Rynearson stadium has grey turf field for which of the following reasons:

A) It creates a better competitive environment by cutting down haze greater than that of green turf fields.

B) It matches EMU’s color scheme. 

C) It represents EMU outworking their opponents.

Answer: C. EMU Football coach Chris Creighton announced in June 2014 that the stadium would be renovated with the grey turf and the nickname “The Factory.”

7. Which of these programs was cut from EMU in 2018?

A) Men’s Lacrosse

B) Women’s Tennis

C) Men’s Tennis

D) All of the above.

Answer: B. Women’s Tennis was one of the sports that caused the Title IX lawsuit to be filed against Eastern in 2019.

8. EMU football coach Chris Creighton coached in the Euro League for American football for the Limhamn Griffins. I am going to read off four different team names. Three of them are from the Euro league and one of them is fake. Is it:

A) London Beefeaters

B) Szombathely Crushers

C) Düsseldorf Beer Kegs

D) Straubing Spiders

Answer: C. Düsseldorf does have a team, but it is named the Düsseldorf Panthers.

9. On what day was the first episode of the Factory Report RECORDED?

A) February 21st, 2020

B) February 18th, 2020

C) March 3rd, 2020

D) March 1st, 2020

Answer: A. The introductory episode of The Factory Report was supposed to be a test run, but producer Ronia liked it so much that it was published.

10. How many Articles have you, Caleb Burlingame, written in total for the Eastern Echo, sports, opinion or anything excluding Podcast web articles. Is it:

A) 15

B) 24

C) 27

D) 32

Answer: B. Caleb Burlingame has written 24 illustrious articles for the Eastern Echo with takes ranging from sports opinions to lifestyle takes.