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The Eastern Echo Wednesday, June 12, 2024 | Print Archive
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Opinion: The Echo’s All-NBA team selections

Echo sports columnist Caleb Burlingame breaks down his selections to each of the All-NBA teams for the 2019-2020 season.

With the NBA restart coming to our living rooms, I thought it would be fitting to name my selections of the All-NBA first, second and third teams. It was a tough process due to the nature of the 2019-2020 season, due to only being able to judge off of ¾ of a full season. Nevertheless, I narrowed down the 15 players I decided were deserving of all-NBA selections.


G. LeBron James

G. James Harden

F. Giannis Antetokounmpo

F. Kawhi Leonard

C. Anthony Davis

These first team selections shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to you all, as the players listed were arguably the best players this season. LeBron James is currently averaging 27/7/7 right now at 35 years old. LeBron also led the Lakers to the best record in the western conference and can play all five positions. I don’t think there’s any argument that he doesn’t make the first team.

James Harden is undoubtedly one of the best shooting guards in the league, and with Klay Thompson out this season, there isn’t another guard I’d rather have in this spot. Harden also boasts a monster 34/6/7 statline this season, while also leading the Rockets into playoff contention. Giannis is another no brainer; a clear MVP candidate who has led his team to the best record in the NBA so far. Giannis’ 29/13/7 statline is deadly, and with the development of his jumpshot, Giannis is becoming unguardable.

Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis round out the first team. Kawhi is running a 27/7/5 statline this year, and his elite defense makes him a colossal asset for the Clippers. Coming off of his NBA Finals MVP season, Kawhi has shown little to no rust. Anthony Davis currently has a 26/9/3 statline and, like Kawhi, has played outstanding defense this year. His footwork in the post is unmatched, and his strength makes him the best bigman this year.


G. Damian Lillard

G. Russell Westbrook

F. Luka Doncic

F. Pascal Siakam

C. Nikola Jokic

The second team selections were much harder to narrow down than the first. After the first 5 players on the first team, the NBA has a much closer talent gap. Damian Lillard is, in my opinion, the best point guard in the league at the moment. He has a 24/4/6 statline, and his shooting is second to Stephen Curry and James Harden. He is also a very clutch player and has led Portland into playoff contention.

Russell Westbrook might get some flack for his inconsistent jumper, but that has seemed to be the only downside to his season. Westbrook currently has a 23/7/8 statline, which shows he’s almost averaging a triple-double (which he’s done before). With the Rockets being serious contenders, I had to put Westbrook here.

Luka Doncic is one enigma of a player. At his young age, he’s boasting a 24/8/7 statline and playing like an NBA veteran. Luka honestly was in my thoughts for the first team, but there were players just slightly above him. Luka’s passing, scoring ability, and rebounding make him one of the most well rounded players in the NBA. Luka will no doubt be a first-team player soon.

I was happy to select Pascal Siakam to join the second team. Siakam seemed to come out of nowhere over the past two seasons, and was a huge reason the Raptors won the title last year. Siakam has a 23/7/3 statline, and it’s nice to see him stepping up as the Raptors leader with Kawhi gone.

The final selection for the second team is Nikola Jokic. The bigman’s statline of 20/10/7 shows just how versatile he is. He can assist, rebound, and shoot like a guard. His weight fluctuation is a tad alarming, as a smaller frame can hurt a center’s ability in the post. Still, I think Jokic is deserving of this spot.


G. Chris Paul

G. Bradley Beal

F. Paul George

F. Jayson Tatum

C. Bam Adebayo

Finally, we have the All NBA third team selections. I selected Chris Paul as the final point guard due to the fact that he led a lottery team to the playoffs and has a 17/4/2 statline at 35 years old. The Thunder are a much different team with Paul off the floor.

Bradley Beal has blossomed over the past couple of seasons into an elite scorer and superstar. Beal has a statline of 30/4/6, and the only thing holding him back from being higher on this list is his team’s poor record and his lack of leadership skills.

There isn’t much to say about Paul George, other than the fact that he plays great defense and is on a very good Clipper team. George has a 21/5/4 statline and, because of his role in the Clippers' contention, I think he deserves this spot.

Jayson Tatum has always been a player I find myself rooting for, and I don’t know why. I think it’s because I like his confidence and his ability to shoot over almost anyone. Tatum has become a wonderful player and has recorded a 23/7/3 statline this year. I truly think the Celtics would be a much worse team without him.

Finishing off this year’s selections is Bam Adebayo. Bam is another player that has absolutely blossomed into all-NBA team talent. Bam might only have a 16/10/5 statline, but he plays with grit and plays highly physical defense. I also enjoy his passing ability for his height. With his young age, I think Bam fits great on the third team.

Needless to say, I think we’re all excited for the NBA restart. Regardless if you think I got these selections wrong, be happy that we finally have sports again.