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The Eastern Echo Thursday, May 30, 2024 | Print Archive
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EMU's Student Government proposes Resolution 107-05, votes on two Senator applications, and a senator announces resignation

Student Government swore in two new Senators and proposed a new resolution during new business Tuesday's Zoom meeting and Senator Ifemeje announced his resignation following.

Eastern Michigan University’s Student Government met on Tuesday, Feb. 9, and discussed the proposal of a new resolution, voted on two Senator applications, and witnessed the resignation of a Senator.

Resolution 107-05 was proposed during Tuesday’s meeting. The resolution, authored by Parliamentarian Kochman, proposes that the Parliamentarian’s voting rights will be eliminated. 

After further deliberation, the Senators motioned to not vote on the resolution yet so the details can be gone over and voted on at a future meeting.

Next, two Senator applications were approved by unanimous consent. Eva Long and Jeffrey Hoang both have goals for what they want to accomplish as their first tasks as Senators.

“I would really like to tackle food insecurity among EMU students. I believe that everyone should have access to affordable, nutritious food. I plan on discussing options for tangible change with my fellow senators, organizations on campus, and local food pantries,” Long said.

While Long will focus on food insecurity at EMU, Hoang wants to make sure EMU students and professors do not have class on election day.

“My first and biggest priority as a Student Senator is moving to make sure that students do not have to attend classes on election days...EMU is not helping to promote civic participation by allowing classes on election days...I plan on communicating with our Academic Provost about the academic calendar and gathering support from students and organizations around campus," Hoang said.

Long and Hoang were both sworn in by Student Government President Luis Romero after deliberation and voting.

Following all new business and the delegate reports, Senator Chinedu Ifemeje announced that he will be leaving Student Government.

In an interview later in the week, Ifemeje said, “A big reason I came to Student Government was to grow as an individual but I wasn't learning anything new. My efforts were being treated with indifference by the VP and President as they viewed my efforts as I was trying too hard…I came to Student Government for two things; to get things done and to learn from much better and competent students. I was getting neither so I decided to leave Student Government.”

Romero and Vice President Colton Ray’s statement regarding Senator Ifemeje’s resignation stated, “EMU Student Government has removed former Senator Ifemeje from all official communications and business, following his resignation. We invite all students to run for Senate positions for the 2021-2022 school year, and the application can be found on our website The deadline is March 8th." 

For information and dates for the next Student Government meeting, visit their website.