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The Eastern Echo Sunday, June 16, 2024 | Print Archive
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Review: Halloween Kills takes the franchise backwards

Halloween Kills takes a step backward in a flat sequel.

It is truly hard to believe that we are over 40 years into the Halloween franchise. The original Halloween came out in 1978! Michael Myers has easily positioned himself as one of the greatest horror characters in movie history, along with Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. Over 40 years of memories and classic slasher moments have littered this franchise. We got the revival of the series in 2018, which to my surprise was very well done. Jamie Lee Curtis returned with a bang and after at that time breathed new life into the Halloween franchise. Salute to Jamie Lee for giving this franchise everything she has. 

So, remember what my Venom review said about sequels? You probably do not, so let your trusted Eastern Echo film critic re-tell it. Sequels should introduce new stories and new themes, while also enhancing the previous story told in the previous film. Halloween Kills just did not do enough. This film felt flat. Of course, we get the basic Michael Myers killing spree and a ton of violence, but does that honestly enhance any storytelling? Does it introduce new themes? This sequel came and went as filler. Nothing too special, just a film done to get to the final chapter. So, let's dive in folks!


Taking place shortly after the first installment, the town is rattled by the re-emergence of Michael Myers. Laurie is injured and cannot join the fight to stop Michael. It is now up to the townspeople to hunt down and put an end to Michael Myers's terror. 


As stated before, Jamie Lee Curtis gives it her all again here. Her performance was well done. Even though, in this film, her character was not the focal point. In the spurts that Lee Curtis was in, she did a great job. 

The idea of tying in the original film from 1978 was very well done here. This idea was well thought out. We have the call back to the original home of Michael Myers and a few original characters. I thought this was a nice way to call back and tie these films together.


Look, this sequel just did nothing to enhance the storytelling from the first film. This film was basically a rehash of the first in a more violent way. There is no new theme that gets introduced. We already know that Michael Myers is this supernatural being, so why keep saying it? At this point in the franchise that is a given and does not need to be reopened time and time again. 

The violence and bloodshed in this film seem gratuitous. Usually, the blood and violence does not affect me as much, but here it just felt over the top. This is a slasher film, but we have gotten past the point of just mindless bloodshed for this franchise. It should be time to introduce new stories and new characters. Instead, we are given a lot of bloodshed and over-the-top violence.

Does this franchise need an ending? It does. We are over 40 years in and the writing cannot come up with a solution to an end. This franchise is getting to Fast and Furious levels of over-the-top nonsense. Crazy stunts and blood everywhere. This will please the long-time fans, but does this bring new fans in? Probably not. I think they should end this franchise or at the very least find a solution to stop Michael Myers. 


Halloween Kills feels gratuitous with bloodshed and violence. The film does not enhance any aspect of the previous Halloween films.

2 out of 5 stars.