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The Eastern Echo Thursday, June 20, 2024 | Print Archive
The Eastern Echo

Interview w/ Ronia Cabansag - The Eastern Echo Podcast Ep. 3

Matt McFarlin: Hi I’m Matt McFarlin

Aminah Yesuf: Hi, I’m Aminah Yesuf, we are your hosts! 

Welcome to the Eastern Echo Podcast. 

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Here’s Matt with the news!

Matt McFarlin:

In news this week, star recruit Emoni Bates’ felony charges are being dropped and the basketball player can return to EMU’s team. Also, to EMU as felony charges are dropped, the African Student Association at EMU connects with African students nationwide, a Black Student Athlete Association has recently started on campus, and a new safe space for Black student athletes starts at EMU, and an EMU faculty-student research team at EMU research team receives a U.S. patent for their coating invention. 

Felony gun charges against star recruit new EMU basketball recruit Emoni Bates  are to be dropped after a plea deal. 

The player was the former No. 1 high school basketball recruit in the nation out of Ypsilanti Lincoln High School. are to be dropped after a plea deal. Bates was the best player in the 2022 class. In August, Bates announced a homecoming: that he would be playing basketball for Eastern Michigan UniversityMU, after playing a year at for Memphis his freshman year. He also received offers from Kentucky and Michigan, but he said coming back home would be a good fit for him.

On Sept. 18, Bates was pulled over at a stop sign after failing to to stop at an intersection on Sept 18, , where police then found a firearm. He was then arrested and faced two felony charges: one for carrying a concealed weapon and another for altering ID marks on a weapon. 

Bates was suspended automatically from practice and playing privalegas following his arrest. automatically from EMU's basketball team following the incident. On Oct. 6, Steve Haney, Bates attorney, said on Thursday that he negotiated a plea deal with the Washtenaw County prosecutor's office that drops felony weapon charges. 

Under the agreement, Bates will plead to one misdemeanor count of attempted illegal transportation of a weapon. After Bates completes a misdemeanor diversion program, the charge will be dropped completely, Haney said. and he can resume activity at the university.  Bates is expected to resume activity Eastern Michigan University. 

Aminah Yesuf: 

In other campus news, the African American Student Association at Eastern Michigan UniversityMU is returning with a major comeback after the organization was hit hard withduring the covid-19 pandemic. ASA is planning to show students what the organization is all about. 

ASA’s board members want to show students what the organization is all about, focusing on culture, traditions, food and more. 

Other students who are members of ASAs across Michigan often come together and attend each other's events. This is a great way to connect with others and share experiences. ASA is an organization that focuses on the culture, such as traditions, food, ect.

Stephenson, who has been a part of ASA since 2018, leads the organization alongside Ghanian President Sylvia Brobbey. They both have goals they want to accomplish for ASA. They want people who are new to ASA to fall in love with the organization just as they did. Second, they want to bring more attention to the organization overall and have more EMU students join and participate in events. 

At EMU, ASA meets at 3 p.m. every other Friday in the Student Center to talk about discussions and events. 

If you are interested in joining ASA you can stop by ASAs next meeting on OCT 28 or direct message the group on iInstagram @emuasa. 

Matt McFarlin: 

More on campus news includes the start of a Black Student Athlete Association at EMU.

A trip to the Black Student Athlete Summit in Houston, Texas was all it took for Tariq Speights, motivating him to create the Eastern Michigan University Black Student Athlete Association new student organization with fellow EMU athletes. with his peers.

In May 2022, a group of EMU athletes were invited to join Houston's Black Student Athlete Summit to represent EMU athletes.

Being around other Black students in sports made the athletes feel at home, and Speights, who now serves as president of the org, wanted to create the same environment here at EMU. 

The athletes felt “at home” ; they felt good to be able to be around other African American athletes at the summit. That is when Speights knew that he wanted to create the same type of environment at EMU.

Speights who serves as president of EMUBSAA was excited to build a foundation for this organization, alongside with Foyd, Ballard and Lewis.

This is a good organization because it allows students to come together who face the same challenges daily. 

After the application process in September, creating bylaws and a constitution, the EMU Black Student Athlete Association was officially recognized as a student organization on campus. 

The organization is still growing and has plans to host an outing for all African American student athletes, as well as organize community service events. 

For more information, mMonthly meetings are held in the “Eagles Nest” located on the second floor of the George Gervin GameAbove center. For more information,You can also follow them EMU’s Black Student Athlete Association on iInstagram @emubsaa.

Aminah Yesuf: 

In other news, EMU’s Coating Research Institute has been awarded a United States patent to improve the metal finishing industry. EMU was awarded this patent because the faculty-student research team invented Organic-Inorganic Hybrid materials.

This segment was reported by Marie White, Mackenzie Thompson, Layla McMurtrie and Sarah Schneider, scripted by Mariah Taylor, and produced by Jordan Boyd. 

Matt McFarlin: 

Are you an EMU student looking for things to do on and around campus? Here are some events happening this week:

On Oct. 27, Latinx Student Association is hosting a Dia De los Muertos event at Big Bob’s Lake House for students to learn about the holiday through food, games, traditions and more.

Also Oon Oct. 27, Home Cooked: Free cooking classes will be happening from 5-6 p.m. in Strong Hall. Students must register. LBC credit and food are provided. 

Matt McFarlin: I’m Matt!

Aminah Yesuf: And I’m Aminah!

We are your hosts and this was the Eastern Echo Podcast.