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The Eastern Echo Wednesday, June 12, 2024 | Print Archive
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Review: The Partner Track is one of Netflix's must watch drama shows

The new Netflix series Partner Track is ideal to add to your watch list when you're searching for a legal drama with a rom-com edge. For students interested in corporate law, this show is perfect.

The "Partner Track," a 2013 book by Helen Wan that inspired Georgia Lee's production, launched its first season of 10 episodes on Netflix on Aug. 26.

The series centers on a group of young attorneys who aspire to become partners at their firm while juggling romances, office politics and other difficulties. The challenges these young attorneys face make the show more intriguing.

The main character is young lawyer Ingrid Yun, who aspires to be a partner at a prestigious New York City law firm, and fights back with her moral conscience and her passions. She works at the Parsons law firm, where becoming a partner takes a significant amount of time. "The Partner Track" is the perfect show to binge-watch because the drama involved makes the storyline golden.

Ingrid works at a legal firm alongside her two closest friends, Rachel and Tyler. Rachel works as an attorney at Parsons, where she practices corporate law. Rachel is striving to find her footing at the company while enjoying the company of her coworkers. The audience gets to see her thinking through some significant professional choices during the season.

Tyler works as an attorney in the fashion department, where he struggles to receive a partner. In the show, we do see him battle with his identity as a lawyer. My favorite part of his journey is how he faces challenges given that they are common and realistic.

The characters are a bit all over the place, but the main cast as a whole, particularly Ingrid, comes off as likable. She makes a fantastic protagonist and is simple to support. Although she occasionally makes foolish judgments and sometimes develops a victim perspective, she is headstrong and never backs down, which is quite impressive. She struggles with her romances which catches the audience's eye.

However, "Partner Track" draws out several distinct cases for its cast to manage over the season. Ingrid is in charge of a corporate takeover from Ted Lassiter, who wants to acquire Sun Corporation which is a rival energy corporation.

Throughout the course of the show, her boss transforms Ingrid into someone she does not recognize. Given that everyone has a boss who makes them jump through hoops for them while giving them nothing in return, this proves to me that it is realistic.

This show tells viewers that their life's ultimate objective won't matter as much if it destroys their relationships and friendships with those around them. I enjoy how the show catches all the real struggles young lawyers face.

I would give the series a 9 out of 10.