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The Eastern Echo Tuesday, May 28, 2024 | Print Archive
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Relax and unwind at EMU’s new Spectral Slumber lounge

Students can relax in EMU's new lounge installation right in time for finals.

EMU brings forward a place to unwind during finals with a new Spectral Slumber art installation lounge taking place from Dec. 8 to 16.

As a way to unwind from the stress of finals, Eastern Michigan University is bringing relaxation to campus with the new Spectral Slumber art installation lounge. This event will take place on the first floor of EMU’s Student Center and will be open to all students from Dec. 8 to 16.

Students can enjoy chair massages, snacks, feel-good movies, and live musical performances in this new, relaxing environment. The lounge will also provide time for students to study, work on assignments, and rest between classes. 

Bamrick helped bring Spectral Slumber to the University after getting an idea at Detroit’s Allied Media Conference.

“Spectral Slumber had created a resting room for people attending the conference to take a break from it, rejuvenate, and relax,” Sara Bamrick coordinator of engagement and activities for the Student Center said. “That was interesting to me, so I looked them up online and saw that they did resting installations at different locations. I thought that might be something good for students to have during finals week.”

Bamrick helped bring Spectral Slumber to the University after getting an idea at Detroit’s Allied Media Conference. The Spectral Slumber installation company is known for its large blanket forts and multimedia performing experiences that feature work from numerous artists and musicians. Its installations are often inspired by art, dreams, music, and slumber.

“A lot of facilities and buildings on campuses are built to give students a place to study, but not a lot of facilities focus on how students are feeling in that space,” Bamrick said. “Environment plays an important role in your mental space and your physical space impacts your mental space. I think even just giving these students a vision of this place – getting to experience the feeling of being there, will encourage them to come and unwind.”

Spectral Slumbers’ EMU event organizers are Matthew Daher, Alexander Weyer, Sophiyah E., and Shiva Shahmir. The four have been moving and installing the new lounge’s art and design in preparation for its opening day in the Student Center.

“So we like to call it the Dreamscape installation. A lot of people, when they were kids, had slumber parties or something where they built a fort out of sheets and pillows,” Daher said.  “We're going to build that structure here in the Student Center but bigger. There's going to be some soft lights up, we're going to have pillow pads down on the floor so it’s comfortable, and folks can bring their own blankets.”

The Spectral Slumber lounge will give students something new to look forward to at EMU. A change from many students’ routine of studying for tests and attending class. It’s also a chance to break away from stress. 

“Finals can be a stressful time and, you know, people have their different outlets,” Daher said. “Sometimes that means going out and partying. Sometimes that means having some alone time at home. But we're trying to provide another possible outlet. We're hoping to provide a space that is really rejuvenating for folks, somewhere they feel like they can come and just recharge.”