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The Eastern Echo Sunday, May 19, 2024 | Print Archive
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Opinion: Underrated songs from notorious emo bands

These songs are not sins, let alone tragedies.

Nowadays, it is hard to avoid some of the most classic songs by artists that have been categorized as “emo.” Even though it has been about 17 years, people still stop dead in their tracks when they hear a G note, or they might still write sins instead of tragedies.

It does not matter the demographic, emo bands have had an impact on everyone involved.

However, sometimes these classics are the only songs they know from bands like My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy. Both of those bands are still relatively active in the music scene, but some of their glory days are still overlooked.

Here are some of my favorite underrated songs by popular emo bands:

1) “Disenchanted” - My Chemical Romance (2006)

“The Black Parade” is considered one of the most legendary rock albums of the generation. If it weren’t, no one would get whiplash from hearing a simple note on a piano. The record is full of expertly written songs, but “Disenchanted” still seems to be brushed over.

It is one of a few ballads on the record just before the true end, and it is seriously underrated compared to a lot of things My Chemical Romance has done.

“Disenchanted” is about the ongoing theme of death in the record, and the title suggests that the person on their deathbed is quite disappointed with what his life was like. Gerard Way’s vocals capture this perfectly, and it is a crime that this song is not talked about nearly as much.

2) “I’ve Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth” - Fall Out Boy (2005)

Fall Out Boy is one of the most well-known rock bands of our time, and the record “From Under The Cork Tree” is no exception. However, if one takes a minute to read all the stupidly long titles throughout the forty-minute runtime, one would find this masterpiece. 

This song is about not feeling right in one’s own body. Everyone is taught to fall in line throughout their entire life, no matter how uncomfortable it is to be in that status quo. Fall Out Boy is no stranger to topics such as this, but this is one song where it hits the hardest. Musically, it is one of the most mellow of their discography. 

3) “Save You” - Simple Plan (2008)

This could go for the entirety of Simple Plan’s self-titled record, but this song in particular is very gut-wrenching. Most people know this band for songs off their first record such as “I’m Just a Kid” or “Addicted.” Though both very catchy and deserving of those spots, “Save You” gives another side of the band. 

Similar to the first song on this list, this song is about someone on their deathbed, but from the perspective of a loved one. In the music video, they actually have a bunch of real people who have or have had cancer. It drives the point home. This ballad of a song deserves more airtime than it has been given. 

Emo artists are among the most well-known artists of the century, and to them, we can say “thanks for the memories.”