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The Eastern Echo Tuesday, May 28, 2024 | Print Archive
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Review: Netflix's 'Do Your Worst' is for the laughs

Previewing an interesting life story of a single actress makes the movie "Do Your Worst" an extraordinary production.

Netflix recently released the South African comedy "Do Your Worst." The trailer of the movie is enough to show the audience how hilarious the movie is; however, the movie itself is much more hysterical than the trailer.


The movie revolves around the life of a single actress who keeps on making bad decisions. Sondra, the main character, then has to face the consequences of all those choices. The movie focuses on the worst days of Sondra’s life, from the day she gets dumped to the day she finds herself absolutely at rock bottom.

Not only does she suffer from the consequences of her choices, but her parents are obsessed with the idea of her finding a man and getting married. Her parents start threatening her by saying they are going to take everything she has, which leads to Sondra to make more poor decisions.

Movie’s Highs

The movie displays a life story, but instead of including all the tedious parts, it includes only the fun parts, which might be appreciated by viewers. For instance, when telling a story, many movies include unnecessary scenes that don’t add much to the storyline. “Do Your Worst” is all about the worst days in Sondra’s life, which are the fun parts, and then the best day of her life, which is the emotional part.

Another interesting fact about the movie is that it’s essentially a twisted love story and a comedy at the same time, which isn’t something we see in every production.

Movie’s Lows

The movie is a little too intimate and sexual, which might make it not suitable for all audience members. To be specific, “Do Your Worst” includes some unnecessary sex scenes that fail to add anything to the main storyline.

Also, the movie includes a part where Sondra “accidentally” kissed her best friend’s husband, which is something that didn’t really relate to the worst days of her life. It is like the producers are marketing for cheating and that it happens “casually,” and I found that problematic.


This movie is a perfect match with a date night or a night with friends. It is absolutely hilarious.

I rate “Do Your Worst" a 7 out of 10.