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The Eastern Echo Sunday, June 23, 2024 | Print Archive
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Review: 'Unlocked' is a mixture of suspense, crime, and drama

Netflix's new movie "Unlocked" isn't like any other movie.

After hearing the title and seeing the poster for the movie "Unlocked," viewers are given a basic idea of what it's about, however, they wouldn't expect the interesting turn of events that happens.


"Unlocked" is a Netflix film that was released on Feb. 17. The movie focuses on a girl named Lee Na-Mi played by South Korean actress Chun Woo-Hee. When Lee Na-Mi loses her phone it is brought back to her by Oh Joon-Yeong, played by Im Si-wan. Surprisingly, the guy who finds her phone is a fugitive, a murderer, and also a hacker. Lee Na-Mi gets her phone back, but she is unknowingly being stalked by the hacker who starts to track her every move. Things get more complicated at the end when he starts trying to complete his deadly mission.


This movie feels like a message about awareness since we live in a world where phones are essential, but not many people know how the exact phone can be turned against them. Generally, this movie was a successful attempt at spreading awareness about the downsides of technology. 

Also, the movie had an interesting mixture of drama and suspense, which isn't something I often see. There were many emotional scenes regarding the main character's relationships and family. There were also many action and crime scenes where the investigators were trying to catch the criminal. 


The movie seemed too educational, which makes it less enjoyable. Moreover, two hours for such a simple message felt too long. There weren't enough actors involved either, as there were only three or four main characters. 

Lastly, the storyline reached a point where everything became confusing, and I could not decipher what was going on.

Another thing that some viewers might not like is that the movie contained many scenes that weren't relevant to the main storyline. For instance, the police were always on the move and finding bodies that were thrown around, which I found confusing because they never explained how that relates to the main story.


The movie seemed interesting at first, but that was lost by the end of the film. It contained many emotional and action scenes, but the movie as a whole was confusing. It is not an ideal movie to spend two hours watching.

I rate this movie a 4 out of 10.