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The Eastern Echo Thursday, June 20, 2024 | Print Archive
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EMU's Queso Tone releases new single 'Hmm Hmm'

EMU is very fortunate to be a home away from home to the Detroit rapper, Queso Tone. Nearly two months after releasing "Raw Ambition," Queso Tone releases a new single called "Hmm Hmm."

On Friday, April 14, Eastern Michigan University junior Queso Tone released a new single, "Hmm Hmm." Queso Tone has been passionate about music for his entire life, which is very clear judging by how close the release of this single and his newest album "Raw Ambition" are. Queso Tone is a great example of an artist who is true to himself and wishes to build others up.

"Hmm Hmm" appears to be a song about fake friends and fake people. Queso Tone tackles this subject spectacularly with lyrics of self-worth, displayed in the bars "If you a hater, can't be in my circle," "It's okay, you keep putting up fronts and I'mma be me," and the chorus, "If you hating on me don't be in my DMs acting needy / it's room enough for all of us to win so don't be greedy."

In music, as in life, Queso Tone is powerful and will take the high road. In many songs, Queso Tone not only turns the other cheek towards any aggression done to himself/the persona of the song, but also uplifts any aggressors. I hope many more people (including songwriters) will adopt this type of encouraging, compassionate, and sympathetic attitude in the future.

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Despite my metalhead preferences and tendencies, I am loving the catchiness that is "Hmm Hmm." Queso Tone has great rhymes that force a rhythm to stay in your head. Not to mention, a beautiful carrot pun that I will not spoil (you will just have to check it out on Spotify or YouTube yourself!)

There is one bar with distorted vocals that soothes my tastes, but subtly enough that I don't think it would upset anyone who isn't partial to metal, "but I'm trying to fill blanks like the Prince on." The rest of the vocals are clean and showcase Queso Tone's love for rap.

Considering this song has been released just under two months since the release of "Raw Ambition" on Feb. 17, I am blown away. Queso Tone is a hustler with a passion for creating music that doesn't deviate too far from the mainstream but also doesn't imitate any other artist's style—Queso Tone already appears to have a solid style.

I would rate "Hmm Hmm" an 8 out of 10, which is higher than expected since I don't typically listen to rap. Despite this single being out of my genre, I cannot deny the talent and passion put into this single. You can listen to "Hmm Hmm" on all platforms. I'm excited to see what Queso Tone does next!