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The Eastern Echo Sunday, June 23, 2024 | Print Archive
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Halloween prizes

Things to do on Halloween in Ypsilanti

With Halloween right around the corner, the public can get involved in fall and Halloween festivities. Here is a list of upcoming events happening in Ypsilanti:

Pumpkins on the Patio

Pumpkins on the Patio is back at Eastern Michigan University for more pumpkin painting and carving for all. The event takes place on Oct. 31 from 4-7 p.m. on the first floor of EMU’s Student Center. In addition to the event’s pumpkin carving, attendees will also get the chance to enjoy cider and doughnuts.

Pumpkins on the Patio aids in bringing the EMU community together while helping to reign in the spooky season. 

"It is believed to be one of the biggest Halloween festivities our campus holds," Ella Markel, Campus Life’s marketing assistant, said. "We take over the whole floor of the student center, I haven’t seen any pumpkin carving events beside this one on campus."

Each year, Pumpkins on the Patio holds a pumpkin carving contest. The contest’s judging will begin at 7:15 p.m. Along with the contest, attendees have a chance to win different prizes. After checking into the event using the QR code scanner on the EMU Engage app, students are automatically entered to win them. There are three different Halloween themed bags that contain different fall and Halloween goodies. 

"There’s a bag with a ghost that says ‘Boo’ and has a pumpkin blanket or snuggie," Markel said. “The second one is a bag with a bat on it saying ‘oooohhh’ with different Halloween socks and plushies that are like the stress toys beads that pop out when you squeeze it. Lastly is a bag with a witch’s hat that says ‘Happy Halloween’ and comes with pumpkin spice Milano cookies, a Halloween cat-pumpkin mug, and pumpkin spice tea.” 

In addition to the prizes one can win at Pumpkins on the Patio, Campus Life is also having a giveaway on their social media for a chance to win a plush dinosaur with a Halloween bag.

Haunted Hallway

From 5-7 p.m. in EMU’s Student Center food court, Campus Life will also be hosting its Haunted Hallway event on Halloween.

This event offers students a volunteer opportunity. Attendees can sign up to be part of the scary scenes that go on and have the chance to scare their peers. 

"Campus Life will set up the hallway and there’ll be scary scenes happening within it,” Markel said. "There’ll be witches and spooky doctors. It’s not too scary though, there’ll be candy too.”

Similarly to Pumpkins on the Patio, Markel observes that it is also a unique event for EMU and Campus Life.

“It’s just not something I’ve seen around campus,” Markel said. “It’s really fun and can be very central to our community. We put these on for the students. Our main goal is to have something they can attend.” 

Maiz’s Halloween Fiesta

Maiz Mexican Cantina will host their 5th annual Halloween fiesta on Tuesday, Oct. 31. The event starts at 7:30 p.m. and goes until midnight. This event is for attendees age 21 and up. There will be specialty drinks, costume contests and more. 

Tickets are priced at $10 with a portion of the proceeds going towards Ypsilanti Community Schools. The costume contest will be judged based on the crowd and the staff’s judges.

"We have staff judging the contest or we pick from the crowd. We sometimes play it by ear depending on how many people sign up.” Beatriz Vargas, Maiz's general manager said. 

Maiz Mexican Cantina is also offering a V.I.P. pre-party package. This package grants the public access to a buffet and V.I.P specialty drinks from 7:30 - 9 p.m. V.I.P. tickets are $20. The fiesta’s speciality drinks include “Dark Margarita”, the fiesta also features DJ Nitro.

"We have been working with DJ Nitro for quite some time now, he is just an awesome individual," Vargas said. "Who better to have Ypsilanti dancing than one of their own?"

 The fiesta started five years ago with the intent of bringing the community together.

"We as an establishment just decided to start having a community event," Vargas said. "We wanted to offer something new and exciting and fun for the parents and adults. We also wanted to donate to the community." 

"Our back of the house finally gets to meet some of the people they’ve been making food for," Vargas said. "The staff gets to have fun as well.”