Shayla Mostyn

Shayla Mostyn is an opinions writer for the Eastern Echo. She has always loved to write, and after being Editor in Chief of her high school’s newspaper, she knew she wanted to pursue Journalism in college. Shayla is majoring in Sociology with a minor in Journalism!

Articles (13 total)

Org Spotlight: Amplifying the Arts!

Amplifying the Arts, or AMP, gives students the chance to hone in on their creativity and freedom to express themselves through artistic expression. 

Organization Spotlight: Active Minds

An important factor of Active Minds is that it covers everything under the scope of mental health; a reminder that mental health affects everybody in all different ways.

Club Spotlight: The French Club

A prominent part of the club is that it provides a unique learning environment, outside the classroom. Members can learn about French singers, or ask for recommendations for youtube channels to watch, or podcasts to listen to.

Club Spotlight: K-City!

K-City is a club at Eastern Michigan University where members can enjoy the latest K-Pop hits and create friendships with others who share the same interest.

Club Spotlight: Bronze Beauties

EMU’s Bronze Beauties club prides itself on the strength of its sisterhood that the members are a part of. The club does not strictly serve as a way to volunteer within the community, but it also serves as a safe space for women to come together and relax and vent about school or any issues they might have.

Club Spotlight: Sierra Club

Eastern Michigan University’s Sierra Club educates its members on the importance of taking care of the environment.