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Review: "Dangerous Waters" features a unpredictable plot with audience intrigue

Dangerous Waters is a new thriller movie released on Prime Video starring Odeya Rush and Eric Dane.

"Dangerous Waters" is a psychological suspense film that leaves viewers wondering about the identities of the main characters.

It was such a suspenseful thriller that it might alter how people view sailing. Odeya Rush, who previously appeared in, "The Giver," portrays the main character. This is the first thriller she has acted in, and her acting has grown significantly.


The setting for this movie is an ocean, which serves as its central setting. This film takes place in the present day and involves Alma, a middle-aged widow played by Saffron Burrow and her troubled daughter Rose played by Odeya Rush. Together, along with her mother's new boyfriend, they set forth on a vacation trip through the ocean. Rose, dreading the entire trip, begins to catch wind of some weird occurrences that sharpen the plot. It all starts with Derek Stipes, who is portrayed by Eric Dane. He is a master manipulator who presents himself as a man who adores Alma, when it is completely false.


The unpredictability of this movie was one of its strongest features. Eric Dane's acting was spot on, and Stipe's plot surprise kept the audience guessing. The manner in which he initially comes off as totally credible and reliable before turning out to be a total liar. Odeya Rush effectively conveyed the sorrow of a girl losing her mother while also demonstrating the character's resiliency. Rush's action in this film was incredibly wild and captured her strength. Viewers would become enthused and cheer the main character throughout the more intense scenes.


The movie started a little slow, and there were a few times when it became unclear how the mother met Derek, and their relationship. The character of the mother should have had more strengths, they made her weak because she was a little oblivious. There were a few low points in this film; more background information about how these girls were taken hostage on the boat would have been helpful. The Captain (Ray Liotta) was another; his character lacked depth and shouldn't have passed away so quickly. It would have been more satisfying if he had been more difficult to kill. Unlike other suspense films, the Captain was so easily outwitted in this one.


This movie keeps the viewers guessing and on their toes. It's filled with up-and-down sequences that keep the plot interesting and thrilling. Overall, this film did its job of being unpredictable and keeping you on your toes. However, it was slow in some areas and also had a hard time making up its mind on what was going on.

This movie gets a 6.5 out of 10 rating.

Mariam Fakhreddine is a film and theater reviewer for The Eastern Echo. She has worked as a news and features reporter for The Echo for two years.