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The Eastern Echo Thursday, May 30, 2024 | Print Archive
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Opinion: Songs for the spring season

Seasons come and go and moons wax and wane, but music is eternal

In Michigan, the four seasons can all happen in one day. Sometimes the lines can get blurred on what solstice or equinox is happening. That being said, there is a type of music for any season (even if they seem to happen all at once). Spring is no exception to the rule. 


spring songs 1.jpg
Album art for Neck Deep's "The Peace and the Panic"

“In Bloom” - Neck Deep

The song’s title speaks for itself, but only looking at that would be doing it a disservice. The color of the song is a pastel pink, being just bright enough to get the message but still keeping it mellow for the midpoint between winter and summer. Neck Deep is a pop punk band that is known for their bright backing tracks and contagious energy. 

Not only do the vibes feed into this notion, but so does the actual message of the song. This song is about someone trying to blossom into a person they want to be whilst simultaneously being held back by the people in their life. Spring is considered a season of new beginnings, and this track represents that well. 

“Brainwashed” - Waterparks

spring songs 2.png
Album art for Waterparks' "Intellectual Property"

Continuing with the pop punk theme, Waterparks is no stranger to having optimistic songs. They tend to heir on the side of chaos when it comes to their overall tone and timbre, but this single from their 2023 album is one of their most tame. This song is about someone falling for someone rather quickly, and they are freaking out a bit because of this. 

What makes this song perfect for the spring is the brightness throughout. If this song were a color, it would be a slightly brighter pastel yellow. Awsten Knight’s high vocal register is what gives the song the qualifications to be a spring banger. 

“As It Was” - Last Night Saved My Life

spring songs 3.jpg
Album art representing the band Last Night Saved My Life

As the title suggests, this is a cover of that one Harry Styles song. The original itself has an upbeat nature to it, and this cover band does not change that element at all. This tune lends itself to being overwhelmingly positive in tone and politically in tune. Something as such would make it a strong contender for one of the best songs to listen to during the season. For bonus points: this specific cover band is based out of Saginaw.

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For Michigan, spring is a two week season of the in-between. No matter what season of the day it is, music will remain consistent throughout the duration of the year. 

More spring jams:

Kasper Mielke is a music reviewer for The Eastern Echo. He is a women and gender studies major with a minor in creative writing. He has worked for The Echo since the summer of 2022 and has stuck to writing music reviews.