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The Eastern Echo Sunday, June 16, 2024 | Print Archive
The Eastern Echo

A band of 4 individuals performs on a stage in front of an "Ypsi Pride" banner with rainbow lettering.

Ypsi Pride returns to Ypsilanti

Ypsi Pride will be returning to Ypsilanti in Depot Town this year, providing festivities to lift up and support the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month.

The festival aims "to bring awareness and visibility through education and celebration of diversity to our community and to create a welcoming and accepting community that exists to empower all LGBTQIA+ individuals," the Ypsi Pride Planning Committee said. 

Ypsi Pride kicked off the celebrations early with a variety show hosted at 734 Brewing Company on May 24. The event was a fundraiser that collected donations for the Ypsi Pride and the Ypsi Pride Juneteeth funds. The show had a lineup of improv, stand-up comedy, karaoke, and drag performers. Over $500 was raised at the event.  

The party is set to continue with a sidewalk chalk event. On June 6 at 6 p.m., all are welcome to stop by Depot Town and draw some art on the walkways. The event is free and supplies will be provided. Individuals are welcome to bring their own chalk. Everyone is encouraged to come by and add some color to Ypsilanti’s sidewalks.

On June 7 at 5 p.m., the main event will begin. Depot Town will be filled with vendors of all kinds, from food trucks to a booth for the Alzheimer's Association. The event is organized by a color-coded map. Vendors are sorted into different colors, and the colors have different areas around Depot Town. If you're feeling hungry, head to the red section on the bridge. Interested in the arts? Walk over to the green section right across from the Freighthouse.  

Pride will feature live performers set up at two different stages. The Freighthouse will feature artists such as Mix Studios, Poppy Noir, and Fearless Amaretto. The street stage located at E. Cross Street will have performers such as Baddie Brooks, Odyssey Music, and Zooey Gaychanel. Many more will be featured throughout the day. 

The day will end with an after-party at 10 p.m. located at Mash bar where individuals are welcome to dance and drink until the bar closes.

Ypsi Pride is open to everybody; there is no need to purchase a ticket or sign up for anything. All are welcome to join the festivities and have fun.

“Ypsi Pride is a celebration and at a time when trans people in particular risk their lives just to be who they are, at a time when LGBTQ+ folks around the world are still denied their basic human rights, it is vitally important to demonstrate Ypsi community strength and to show up in support,” the Ypsi Pride Planning Committee said. 

For the past couple of weeks, different organizations across Ypsilanti have been voicing their support for Ypsi Pride. Sponsors include First Presbyterian Church, Depot Town Cannabis Company, Lucky Haskins Antiques and Retro, and Ypsi Real.

The volunteer applications have closed for this year, but the Ypsi Pride Planning Committee encourages individuals interested in future involvement to follow Ypsi Pride's social media for additional information.

Ypsi Pride will be posting updates and more events to come on its Facebook and Instagram.