10/27/2020, 1:33pm

Podcast: Board of Regents approves revised winter break; Ypsilanti sidewalk permits extended for restaurants; EMU sustainability program details

Ypsilanti City Council tries to accommodate restaurants struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic. In campus news, the EMU Board of Regents approves an updated academic calendar for the Winter 2021 semester, and Student Government prepares an application process to fill empty seats. We also take a look into EMU’s sustainability program.  

9/29/2020, 6:22pm

Michigan Attorney General denies charges against officer; City Council votes on anti-discrimination ordinance

On this week’s episode, the Office of the Michigan Attorney General denies charges against the Washtenaw County Sherriff's Deputy regarding a use-of-force incident, and Ypsilanti City Council votes that it is illegal to discriminate against someone who has a misdemeanor conviction. EMU honors the late Marilyn Horace-Moore by naming a scholarship after her. 

9/14/2020, 10:39am

Symposium: The Perfect Storm

In comparison to every other population in the U.S., African American woman face disproportionately high rates of diabetes and death attributed to hypertension. EMU senior Jada Childs examines the effects of stress on the health of African American women and low income neighborhoods, and offers potential solutions to the unique challenges African American women face.

9/5/2020, 1:14pm

The Factory Report: NBA boycott and playoff results

On Aug. 26, the Milwaukee Bucks announced that they would not play their upcoming playoff game in order to protest the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Soon, other teams followed suit, postponing all three playoff games scheduled for that day. Luke and Caleb discuss the impact of the boycott, as well as recent results of both the Eastern and Western Conferences.