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Leaving college life, EMU behind

This is the end of an era. While I still have two spring classes to take, I shall soon be exiting the hallowed halls of Eastern Michigan University and moving on to the next phase of my life. That means this will be my final “regular season” TMP for The Eastern Echo.

Beyond materialism in metrosexual life

I’ve just received some very alarming news. I heard a report on the radio that “metrosexuality,” the lifestyle that spawned my career as a writer, is now out of style. The days of foo-foo drinks and clean-pressed shirts are apparently a thing of the past.

The Metro Perspective

People measure their lives in milestones, from the cradle to the grave. New parents keep charts of their childrens’ milestones – from rolling over and sitting up to first steps and first words.

The metro perspective: Violent health care backlash

I’m really concerned about our country. Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you are probably aware that Congress passed a sweeping health care reform bill last week that will change how health care is provided in this country.

Gender and toilet paper behavior

Facing out or facing in? The age-old question of toilet paper rolls. I don’t mean to stereotype, but I’ve noticed that women typically put toilet paper on the roll so that it faces in, while men typically do it facing out. Part of the reason, I think, is the aesthetics/practicality dichotomy.

The metro perspective: Universal health care

I was just reading about President Obama’s new push to pass his health care legislation and the republican opposition. It’s an interesting subject. Supporters believe that every American should have health care. Opponents believe that universal health care means a lower standard of care for everyone and will plunge the country deeper into debt.

Cuddling 101: a detailed guide

I’m an unabashed affection whore, I’m not ashamed to admit. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a nice, warm hug or a session of cozy cuddles.

The Metro Perspective: Watch out for that guy

A friend of mine recently committed the cardinal sin. I had met one of his friends and we hit it off. We started spending time together, and that eventually grew into a relationship. A pretty damn good one, too, if you ask me.

The Metro Perspective: Love is declaring war this Valentine's Day

Well, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, which means it’s time for me to give my annual soapbox speech about how wonderful Valentine’s Day is. It’s time for me to tell all the romantically challenged people of the world to appreciate the day for what it is. Stop being a hater. Suck it up and deal with the deluge of sap thick enough to clog even Mr. Butterworth’s arteries. It’s one day. Let us have it, enjoy it and live in peace. You guys can bitch about your gender of choice for the other 364.