Faculty senate is pursuing more clout in budget moves

A faculty senate meeting led by Matt Evett was held Wednesday. A number of issues, including the budget and early intervention programs, were discussed.

The faculty senate consists of 32 members; each one a representative from Eastern Michigan University’s 32 academic departments.

The senate’s job is to advise the academic administration. It upholds a contract between the union and the administration.

The first issue was the budget. In discussion, Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs, Jack Kay, said academic affairs should be involved in budget decisions instead of just Budget Council recommendations.

“We can’t cut anymore,” said Alexandra Norton, an English professor. “There needs to be a more systemic change, rather than asking individual departments to cut their budget.”

Moving on to early intervention programs, Kay said the programs have helped lower the number of students on academic probation from 30 percent to 20.6 percent.

Ethan Lowenstein, a teacher education professor, discussed how special needs students may be the ones dropping out.

Finally, the senate voted for members of the Graduate Dean Search Committee.

The appointees were Joseph Bishop, a teacher education professor, two others and Timothy Brewer, a chemistry professor.

The senate will be evaluating deans of various colleges soon, excluding interim deans who have not reached their third year.

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