5 Healthy Alternatives to Everyday Foods

Americans consume unhealthy amounts of fat in their regular diets. This may not be true for every one of us but a majority of Americans do not live a healthy life style or pay attention to what they put in their body. This can cause more than just weight gain. It can lead to major liver and heart problems, as well as stomach and digestive issues. These five foods will help any cook stay a little more on the health conscious side.

1. Avocado

Fats aren’t always bad. Avocados are considered healthy fats that our bodies actually need. They pair nicely on any salad or sandwich/ They even go well with an egg on toast at breakfast to keep you full throughout the day. They can be used as a replacement for unhealthy snacks like chips or cookies. Just grab a spoon and have an avocado, you’d be surprised how refreshed you’ll feel afterward. Plus, they have a creamy and mild flavor so they’ll suit just about any picky appetite. 

2. Olive Oil

Another healthy alternative is olive oil because it can be used in replacement of butter or margarine while cooking on the stove. Some benefits include antioxidants and protection against heart disease.

3. Greek Yogurt

You may not love this in place of real, sweet, fruit filled yogurt. However, it can be used in an array of other places, such as instead of sour cream or cheese. Top your tacos with this instead and you’ll never tell the difference! 

4. Romaine Lettuce or Spinach

Most still prefer the easy to make iceberg lettuce tossed salad. But most of it is filled with water instead of green goodies. Opt out for romaine lettuce or even hearty spinach whenever you can. Romaine leaves also make great boats for beef with toppings and pan cooked spinach goes really well in any spaghetti dinner.  

5. Sweet Potato Fries

These are an option at Applebee’s and most restaurants. When you’re feeling a bit guilty about those greasy potato fries ask for sweet potato ones instead! They’ll satisfy any sweet cravings you’re having as well and go nicely with cinnamon sprinkled on top. 

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