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We're all responsible for Donald Trump

(04/03/16 2:01pm)

Donald J. Trump officially announced that he was running for president on June 16th, 2015. Speaking from Trump Tower in New York City, the then newly-announced candidate opened with a no-substance quip about the supposed idiocy and gutlessness of the other candidates saying, “How are they going to beat ISIS? I don’t think it’s gonna happen.” He then immediately transitioned into a more somber topic—the state of the country—when he said, “Our country is in serious trouble. We don’t have victories anymore. We used to have victories, but we don’t have them. When was the last time anybody saw us beating, let’s say, China in a trade deal?”

Politicians, generals and the businessman-politician

(03/30/16 1:55pm)

As a rule of thumb, because the offices are so similar to each other, governors have tended to make better presidents than, say, first-term senators. But, for almost the first two centuries of the United States’ existence, the profession that produced the most successful presidents aside from the political sphere itself was the military. After every major war, the country has elected a general as its President — George Washington after the Revolutionary War, Ulysses S. Grant after the Civil War, Dwight D. Eisenhower after the Second World War and very nearly Douglas MacArthur after the Korean War. Now, however, it seems as though the game is changing and businessmen are starting to run instead of career military men.

Alexander Music Building to be renovated this summer

(03/30/16 3:18am)

The Business and Finance Committee passed a business resolution 4-0-0 to fund renovations to Alexander Music Building at its regular meeting Tuesday night, March 29, in the Student Center. Student Government will revise the FY16 budget to allocate $30,000 to renovate the building this summer. The Senate will review the resolution at 6:30 p.m., April 5, in Student Center Room 300.

DC Comics is going dark (and that's bad)

(03/27/16 3:16pm)

This past weekend is the weekend the highly anticipated “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” finally hit theaters. Bad news being that the film is getting mostly negative reviews from professional critics, with the most common criticism being that the film is just too dull and depressing for a movie about a man who dresses up as a bat, fighting a super-human alien. Looking over this movie, as well as recent DC Comics works, I have discovered a disturbing trend where the majority of them try to be as downbeat as possible in order to suck out all the joy of being a superhero. Intense violence, blood, gore, scary images, unnecessary “moral dilemmas” and more seem to be the standard for anything DC related these days; and quite frankly, it needs to stop.