12/17/2019, 5:56pm

EMU awards special recognition to minority and international students

Students of color and international students received special recognition at the Multicultural Graduation Celebration for Fall 2019. Graduates received stoles of their choice to represent their culture, heritage and academic success. A Multicultural Graduation Celebration will also be held for Winter 2020 graduates.

12/14/2019, 9:44pm

Update: Swoop’s Pantry struggles to keep up with increased demand

Dr. Paul Leighton, who currently serves as the Chair of Swoop’s Advisory Board, addressed the board of regents on behalf of Swoop’s Pantry, saying that Swoop’s has seen a 50% increase in demand from last year. He has asked the board for additional storage space within Pierce Hall.

12/9/2019, 6:54pm

Student Senate unanimously passes resolution asking for the president and provost to support the creation of a Housing Insecurity Fund

Passed in a 17-0 vote on Dec. 3 by EMU student senate, the resolution asks for the president and provost’s support in creating a housing insecurity fund, as well as to allow students to donate excess meal swipes and flex dollars to Swoops Food Pantry, and provide students who use Swoops Food Pantry hour-long parking passes when accessing Swoop’s.

11/23/2019, 12:48pm

EMU student body Senators discuss housing insecurity, mental health crises, and other student concerns on campus

Senators brought up concerns regarding food insecurity, student homelessness and housing insecurity, disorganization within EMU facilities, and the lack of funding for Counseling and Psychological Services at EMU. Senators brought up these topics during the Senate meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 19 to make the Student Body Government aware of these issues so that plans of action can be made.

11/23/2019, 12:34pm

Poetry reflects life inside Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility

On Tuesday, Nov. 19, "The Writers' Bloc: Poetry from Inside Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility," served as the third and final segment in this semester's Star Lecture Series, titled, "Ideas into Action." A panel of volunteer facilitators and poets shared their experiences in a poetry workshop held within the women’s correctional facility just twenty minutes from EMU’s campus.

11/23/2019, 12:20pm

OWCR provides students with access to affordable health insurance

The Office of Wellness and Community Responsibility (OWCR) hosted an affordable health insurance event on Nov. 20 in the EMU Student Center. Certified enrollment agents from the Washtenaw Health Initiative (WHI) spoke with students to help them look for the best insurance plan based on their coverage needs and financial plan.  

11/18/2019, 12:19pm

The film "Intelligent Lives" screens in EMU Student Center

On Fri. Nov. 17, the Eastern Michigan University College of Education and the Ann Arbor Individual Disability Education Advocacy Series (A2Ideas) co-sponsored a screening of the film Intelligent Lives at the EMU Student Center. Following the screening of the film, there was a panel discussion led by Heather Eckner, Janice Fialka and Dr. Carrie Filarski. 

11/17/2019, 3:28pm

Alumni group GameAbove donates $3.5 million to Eastern Michigan University for faculty, staff and students

It was announced Monday, Nov. 11, that GameAbove, an EMU alumni group, would be donating $3.5 millions  to faculty initiatives and development along with student needs. In their donation, GameAbove gifted $2 million to the "Game Above, Faculty First" initiative and $1.5 million to a second initiative under the name of "Students Matter Most.”