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3/12/2020, 5:14pm

Patient who tested positive for COVID-19 in treatment at U of M Hospital

In response to the positive cases, Whitmer announced a state of emergency “in order to slow the spread of the virus. Currently 27 COVID-19 patient tests are pending in the state. 91 patient tests in the state have shown negative results for the virus. 150 Michigan residents currently recommended for virus testing or monitoring are under active monitorization. 

3/6/2020, 8:50pm

33 EMU students and 2 faculty members now self-quarantined after returning from study abroad trip in Italy

Thirty-three EMU students and two faculty members have returned from a study abroad trip to Italy and are currently self-quarantined in their homes as health officials continue to assess the dangers the new coronavirus poses in the United States. There were two different study abroad groups, both of which left the United States on Feb. 21 and returned on Sunday, March 1. 

3/2/2020, 10:38am

EMU Student Senate leadership investigates eight-year-old Facebook post depicting Sen. Reid Scott in black-face

A source who has asked to remain anonymous said that due to an eight-year-old Facebook post, members of the Senate may ask Sen. Reid Scott to resign or begin a removal process in the case that he refuses. Senate leadership cannot confirm but that “[t]he Student Body Senate is taking this very seriously and are investigating this matter.”