Deangelo Hawkins-Clay


The Kitchen Film Review

The Kitchen is a film that stars Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish and Elizabeth Moss as three women who, after years of playing the stereotypical women's role in their marriages, are now challenged with stepping up after their husbands are arrested in a robbery. Not your typical crime drama, we see three “Femme Fatales" as our leads mixed up in the nitty-gritty realities of crime. Which, in my opinion, serves as a high for the film to see the growth among the women as they turn into a force not to be reckoned with.

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Review

The film starts off on Halloween night, the year is 1968 and we're introduced to three teenagers. The first being Stella, the horror obsessed teen with some serious resentment issues toward herself. Then we have Auggie and Chuck, Auggie being the somewhat responsible young man while Chuck plays the comical appeal in the film. Things start to get crazy as soon as a prank goes wrong and leads the gang to meet a wanderer in town by the name of Ramon Morales. As the film goes on, they all find themselves in the town's residential Haunted House, where the story of Sarah Bellows begins to unravel. 

Dora and The City Of Lost Gold Film Review

Dora the Explorer, the famous childhood Nickelodeon cartoon, which premiered in 2000, revolves around a seven-year-old Latina girl and her numerous adventures with her pet monkey, Boots.

Spider-Man Far From Home Film Review

Tom Holland continues to hold the mantle as our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in this fun, emotionally impactful sequel to Spider-Man Homecoming. 

Dark Phoenix: Film Review

Dark Phoenix is an all-powerful mutant character who also goes by the name Jean Grey. Some call the saga one of the best comic book series ever made. Having already attempted the storyline in the not-so-great “The Last Stand” with critical disapproval, imagine the hype when fans of the storyline discovered it would get a second chance, but this time with a younger set of characters.

MA: Movie Review

“Ma,” starring Octavia Spencer, is about a mysterious villain who opens her home to numerous teens after purchasing them alcohol at the local liquor store. But the situation soon turns into their worst nightmare. 

Aladdin: Movie Review

Disney's second live action film of 2019 had huge promise and popularity but did it meet its incredibly high expectations?