Deangelo Hawkins-Clay


Dark Phoenix: Film Review

Dark Phoenix is an all-powerful mutant character who also goes by the name Jean Grey. Some call the saga one of the best comic book series ever made. Having already attempted the storyline in the not-so-great “The Last Stand” with critical disapproval, imagine the hype when fans of the storyline discovered it would get a second chance, but this time with a younger set of characters.

MA: Movie Review

“Ma,” starring Octavia Spencer, is about a mysterious villain who opens her home to numerous teens after purchasing them alcohol at the local liquor store. But the situation soon turns into their worst nightmare. 

Aladdin: Movie Review

Disney's second live action film of 2019 had huge promise and popularity but did it meet its incredibly high expectations?

Longshot: movie review

Longshot, the first political romantic comedy of 2019 had a lot to live up to considering the marketing of the two main stars performances. Starring Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron as our “oddball” couple of the film “Charlotte Field & Fred Flarsky” whom served ounces of chemistry throughout the film.

Shazam: movie review

Zachary Levi stars as our Titular hero SHAZAM! as he proves he can save the world on TV screens as well as Movie screens.

"Us" Movie Review

 “Us”, a movie from the creator of Jordan Peele whose movie making skills rose to mainstream velocity after the success of the unique masterpiece such as “Get Out”.