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Podcast: June 23, 2021

EMU's Board of Regents discuss the new block tuition model, and the Undergraduate Research Stimulus Awards benefit students.

Layla McMurtrie: On this week’s episode, we’ll be talking about EMU’s latest Board of Regents meetings, where there was discussion about the new block tuition model, as well as recommendations for the renovations of the 3D Arts Complex. We will also discuss the EMU Undergraduate Research Stimulus Awards, supporting students partnering with faculty members in scholarly research. I’m Layla McMurtrie, and this is the Eastern Echo Podcast.

On June 10, 2021, the Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents met for their regularly scheduled meeting.

Headlining the meeting is the new block tuition model which is set to take effect in fall 2021. Under the new tuition model, students will pay similar rates when they register for classes totaling between 12 and 16 credits. If a student is taking above or below the allotted range, they are subject to a $580 charge. With the new model, EMU hopes to increase the rate of 4-year graduations

Also announced during the meeting, Eastern is seeing a $3.5 million increase for financial aid.

Lastly, the board discussed and approved the recommendation of a renovated “3D Arts Complex.” Renovations are expected to begin on the northwest side of Eastern’s campus, with an expected completion date of 2023. President Smith hopes that the new building will feature significant display space to better display student works. 

In other university news, 19 EMU Students that are partnering with faculty members in scholarly research are being supported by the annual Undergraduate Research Stimulus Awards. The Undergraduate Research Stimulus Program is among several initiatives at the university intended to facilitate and support partnerships between undergraduate students and Eastern Michigan faculty.

The research focus ranges from areas such as biology, language, nursing, autism, and more. Student awardees will receive a $2,000 fellowship to support their research efforts, while the collaborating faculty member may receive $500 for lab and studio equipment as well as other expenses. 

For winter 2021, the provost and executive vice president of Academic and Student Affairs have awarded a total of $18,000 to nine undergraduate students and $4,233 to nine Eastern faculty.

For summer 2021, a total of $20,000 has been awarded to 10 undergraduate students, as well as $4,597 being awarded to 10 Eastern faculty. 

Amongst the summer 2021 semester recipients, Sydney Timmer, a current senior majoring in K-12 vocal musical education, is partnering with Heather Shouldice, an associate professor of music education, for her project. 

Shouldice said the following about the awards:

“I think this is really helpful for relieving some of the burden for our students. At EMU we have a lot of students who work, who support themselves in part or in full. And if they’re spending all their time on work they don’t have as much time to engage in these thoughtful activities...I think this stimulus award is a great opportunity to help our students earn some money to support themselves in exchange for the time that they’re devoting to the research project.” 

To see a list of the 2021 recipients and learn more about undergraduate research, visit our website. 

As always, thank you for listening, and don’t forget to tune in next Wednesday for another episode. Also, check out our new Eastern Echo Music Podcast hosted by Podcast Section Editor Layla McMurtrie every other Tuesday, where she discusses the hottest new music releases and shares recommendations for every genre. 

Reported: Emma Henri, Anastasia Moutzalias

Scripted: Tre Briscoe

Produced: Cameron Santangelo

Host: Layla McMurtrie