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The Eastern Echo Sunday, May 19, 2024 | Print Archive
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Opinion: Songs that immerse you into the chilly weather

Songs to blast while driving in your car or while taking a freezing walk.

Walking between classes is a must for students. There's a good chance of having to take a freezing walk to make it from one class to another on time. Also, if you own a leather-seated car, you understand the struggle of sitting on cold seats and having to act like it's fine when it's not! However, blasting music is a good distraction to forget about your freezing hands. 

"I think I like when it rains" by WILLIS

This is the right song to listen to while being soaked by rain because it does make it feel like an aesthetic more than a struggle. It is a calm song with a soothing type of music and lyrics about rain.

"Sweater weather“ by the Neighborhood

This is such a good song to enjoy on cold, misty winter mornings. The relatable lyrics and the catchy chorus are made for blasting in your car while getting hot coffee. 

 "We fell in love in October" by girl in red

This song is such a vibe and works with both the winter and fall seasons. Especially in October, when it starts to feel chilly in the mornings, this is the song you want to listen to. 

Mr. Loverman" by Ricky Montgomery

This track is more like a Christmas, snowy day vibe, but it makes my heart feel so warm because it is so soothing. It feels a lot like a snowman is singing this song when I listen to it. It is just so cute and evokes feelings of happiness and love.

"Back to December" by Taylor Swift

For all Swifties out there, this song is simply so calming, and it matches the cold foggy weather that we endure a lot here in Michigan. December is the peak of the wintery weather, and in this song, Taylor sings about her memories from December.

 "Until I found you" by Stephen Sanchez

This is a great, heartwarming song with lyrics that are perfectly chosen to fit the smooth music. It feels so nice to listen to any of Stephen Sanchez's songs in the morning. 

"Comethru" by Jeremy Zucker

This is another calming song, especially if you are not feeling that good about your life. It has magical lyrics that know exactly their way to your heart to make it feel warmer and better. 

Of course, I am not forgetting Harry Styles, Charlie Puth, and Billie Eilish, but these are my favorites for cold mornings.