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The Eastern Echo Wednesday, June 12, 2024 | Print Archive
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Club Spotlight: Women's Club Volleyball

Although EMU has many sports clubs, one differentiating factor about Women's Club Volleyball is the family aspect the club brings to its members.

Eastern Michigan University’s Women’s Club Volleyball combines the love of volleyball and the importance of community and belonging. 

“All of my volleyball girls are like a second family to me. It is more than just four hours of practice and seeing them at a tournament; these women are truly girls I can confide in and lean on when life gets hard,” Kassandra (Kassie) Tanana, the club’s president, said. 

The volleyball club started back in September 2017. In past seasons, the club has had two teams with 24 members. However, this season they only have one team with 13 members. No matter how many members there are, the club’s core purpose never wavers. Tanana expresses that the club’s goal is for the members to have fun and play the sport they love.

“Our club is very light hearted and enjoyable to be a part of. Nothing is ever that serious, but you definitely get out what you put into it,” Tanana said.

The Eastern club holds tryouts every September and January; members typically have three to four years of experience playing volleyball, whether in high school or in a club. Aside from skill set, key components for members is to have knowledge of “the basic rules, regulations & having prior volleyball knowledge.”  The club holds practices every Monday and Thursday from 6-8 p.m. on the third floor of the Rec/IM. Although the club does not play any “games,” they participate in tournaments across the Midwest. 

“We typically have 5-6 tournaments a semester, and those are typically on Saturdays,” Tanana said. “We see all types of club teams such as U of M, MSU, Grand Valley, Saginaw Valley, Kent State, University of Indiana, and so on.”

Although EMU has many sports clubs, one differentiating factor about the volleyball club is the family aspect the club brings to its members. 

“Most sports are practicing together and being friends when it is convenient. These girls are all amazing humans who I would and do see outside of volleyball hours,” Tanana said. 

Tanana joined the team in 2018, the second year of it being a club at EMU. With her previous experience playing volleyball and her love for the game, she knew she wanted to continue that passion and play in college. One of her favorite memories is when the team took professional photos for the first time. 

“I felt like it was such an awesome experience! This was also something the club had never done before, so it was super cool to be a part of,” Tanana said. 

Although Tanana was a part of the team in its second year, she feels the past president would be proud of how far the team has come. Especially considering the club can host their first-ever home tournament, which they previously thought they might be unable to do. The Women’s Club Volleyball’s first-ever home tournament will be held at the Rec/IM at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 1. 

“This took a lot of work and commitment to get set up, so it would be awesome to see some EMU students support,” Tanana said.

Follow Women’s Club Volleyball on Instagram to stay updated on tournaments and practices @emuwcvball.